Wednesday, January 23, 2008

to the lord have arrived in the northeast 26 dgrees here bit it,s ok all is warm in the heart.hope you and kids are o.k. there go out with walt do you good isolation is not good thing stifles the creativity! will look for ideas here.etsy needs to start producing! old business not doing well! keep warm or cool as the case might be. love nana

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the artisian

Still hanging in there, not much progress keeping the ebay store up to date it's time consuming you might take a look -lord-or-Lady-beads name confusing not any beads and a lot of coins and some real good historical out of print books

Helping my wife get a site up and running on Etsy she is pretty crafty,has some great items posted like Nippy Nappers for cat,Jewelry, heirloom needle work.

While you are at Etsy take a look at my daughters site Shabbyaccumulations, she has expanded her mother talent and is creating some unique jewelry, and beautiful hand painted pictures