Thursday, February 21, 2008

Further to our interview with member of family

Now that we gave you the information about the census and you can down load that post and keep it for further reference in the future you are going to want to know what each census will reveal to you.
Now I would like to go back to strongly suggest you go and talk to the older members of the family, I can not do this =I am 82 to my knowledge there is no one in the family older than me guess that is why I want to get you to do this now.
Let me tell you about my grt grandmother, when I knew her she was 89 bed ridden ,lived in house on the way to school so I used to stop and see her about once a week, on one occasion she told me about her husband John "Jack"
Lasher , he was in Civil War, at the time this was not such a great thing after all there was 5 old men living on the same street as we lived on that had been in the war. But she had her daughter "Adda" bring a envelope to her and she gave me a piece of paper shown to the right=Application for Pension. I was only 13 or 14 at the time but I took it home and had my "Mom" put it away. Another day when I stopped by she told me she had his "war jacket" well this did work out very good ,when they found it ,the moths had got there first and she cut off all the buttons and tossed the jacket out 115th. NY Vol infantry. During the year or so before her death she had given me many items
including a 2 vol set of books about Andersonville Prison,where "Jack" Lasher had spent some months. In one book was two Confederate Notes a $5.00 one and $10.00. Further along will discuss "Jack's" life, I think you will be interested in this man who was very typical of the restless men of the Civil War period. I am relating this story to let you understand what you might find if you take the time to talk with to older family members. This lady died in 1941 and she left me a oak framed wall piece about 3 ft high and 2 foot wide with a engraving of the record of John Lasher in the civil war showing all the battles he was in and engravings of the 115th. N.Y. Vol infantry. Items that I would never have had if I had not taken the time to talk with her about the family.
Most people that will one day read this are much younger than me-your hardest period of time will be from today back until the 1900 period, beyond that date you will have Census records and church records to help you. Since 1900 we have had Vital records Births, Marriages, and deaths. These are classified as primary records= I do not agree with this but go along with it. lets take a look at these .
First the birth record these are probably the one record that will be correct. One or both parents should be present-the doctor who signs it should know the mother and child so birth date would be correct--father this may or may not be right the mother tells the doctor who the father was=room for error . these birth records are recorded were the child is born- 60 years ago it was probably at home ,since then mother probably went to hospital. you have to know which one
I was born at my grandmothers home in Nelliston,N.Y. today there are within 20 miles 4 hospitals each in different direction. These birth records are in the office of the Town Clerk or City clerk. These are really public records, however many town Clerks look on these as there personal property and for you to look at them you will need a lot of diplomacy. You can of course write the Public Health Dept at the State Capital and for a fee and after a very long wait get a copy but you have to know the year and place.
Marriage records= these should be all right since both parties had to be present to marry again they are recorded were the marriage took place. My family lived in Nelliston,N.Y. my parents were married in the Dutch Ref Ch in Albany N.Y. 57, miles away==neither of them could tell me why.
Death records: Well the only person who knows for sure is dead so they are not much help. The information on the death certificate is coming from a relative=if its sudden death and close relative no one is thinking good and under pressure there answer could be anything. If its a very old person the living relative might not know anything about them. Its great to have the death record but please do not believe it 100% check every detail and do not take the head stone for proof=this is another item that was made after the fact from someones memory and if its wrong no one is going to have it re cut.
Most of your research is going to be common sense.put youself in the place of the person giving the information.

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