Friday, February 15, 2008

GENEALOGY basic lets get started

Now that you have a little family history at least your parents and maybe there parents --if we figure about 25 yrs to a generation and assume you are young- you should have some birth dates in or about the 40's a earlier date would be better perhaps a revisit with one of the grand parents might bring up there parents and if so you are now in the 1900's to 1930 making it much easier for our next task. "location" to do any research at all you need a few basic items most important is a time frame about when were they born "and or" when did they die. and the next thing is were did they live. this later one will be covered a bit later and we will no doubt come back to it several times.

This might be a good time to discuss a record keeping system= I like to keep my searching notes in a wire bound note book they are so permanent. The one problem with them is bulk pretty soon there is no way to find what you want. A very good answer is the computer now you can spend a lot of money on programs or you can think about it the Morman church has Genealogy as part of there theology they have spent millions on finding and preserving records and they also developed the easiest and in my opinion the best computer program to record your ancestors called PAF. Would you believe its free--it can handle anything you throw at it from 10 or 12 ancestors right up to and past 74,000 that I have used with no problems. This is a one entry program you only type your ancestors information on a very simple form and the program keeps tract of it and the relationship to each additional person you enter. This program assigns a Rin number to each individual and I suggest you set your note book up using this number that you can readily find the relationship of your notes to ancestor=I know you think you can remember maybe for 6 or 8 but wait until you have 1,000 takes a long time to shuffle all those papers. You can go on line to when the window opens there is a lot of information- this is one of the Free data bases you can search later. Now look on right side, there is list of items as you go down you will see Free PAF click on this and it will take you to site were you can down load this program in several languages, once you have it on your computer open the program and type in your name and your parents and you are off and running== while you are in the program enter everyone you have found parents, grandparents, children aunts and uncles. I want to urge you to record the brothers and sister of each individual as you get further back in time your ancestor might not have walked on a surface that left a foot print but his brother or sister may have and all of them will have the same ancestors=I have always taught my genealogy class that everyone who has walked the earth has left a mark someplace, but I have a couple who's mark has not been found, and I am sure this will happen to you.

While on the subject of Genealogy programs I must tell you about one that is called Family Tree Maker if you can find version 16 collectors edition it is a great deal its put out by Ancestry.Com and this edition has a 1 year subscription to and a lot of other goodies, Genealogy dictionary, Historical Document Collection, Collection Maps and Images, Reference Library on DVD, Gen Smart, I have seen this on E-bay for as little as $15.00 and the average price is about $35.00 its not the current edition but it works great with windows Vista, and the subscription to Ancestry is not included with the new edition.

I am a great advocate of using Free material in about 68 years of research the only money I have spent is for copies, I have never paid to look at public records-I have hired people to search but I will give you some tips on that later.
There are hundreds of thing to tell you but nothing is more important than talking to the older relatives and setting up a record system it took me about 10 years to search out the first 150 ancestors and another 30 years to break the 1,000 mark -then along came the internet == you can add 100's a day but you have to have a good foundation and your ancestor has to be born before about 1930 everyone is so aware of privacy the data bases do not post living persons.

If you are at the point were you have a computer Genealogy program and are having any problem I might be able to help I have several programs on my computer, will admit my own records are all on a PAF program, with the Ged com file you can go from one to the other. If you use ged com be careful it will mix up your Rin numbers-if you transfer data bases from one Genealogy program to another in same program use the back up and restore and your Rin numbers will remain the same.

Tomarrow we will look at ways to find out were our ancestors live

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