Thursday, February 14, 2008

Genealogy lets look at the begining

As the photo shows I was my grandfathers special one-and he was to blam for my interest in Genealogy.I am relating this that you might realize the importance of listening to the old folks. This is probably the most important step you can make to start that family tree--from the time I was old enough to set at the table , every Sunday was spent at my grandmother's home she fed every family member from miles around. It was not uncommon to set the dinning room table 3 or more times each Sunday Adults only [except me I sat to my grandfathers right sometimes for hours as each shift ate] the rest of the kids ate from card table in corner. My grandfather was the family story teller and would tell tales of early days and parts the family members played in them. The thing I regret most , I did not keep a log of these stories until I was in my teens. Let this be an examnple to you-when you go to visit the older members of the family take a pad and pen with you and make notes you have to develope the instinct of being a detective, you will have to use these notes many times. After you talked with aunt Hattie go back again in a month or two and ask a few questions about the notes even if you know the answer it will get her thinking and she might well give you a bit more. Not evereything they remember will be correct but you may have the only information you are ever going to get about this ancestor. Further along I will relate some of the stories told by my grandfather and how it made it possible against all odds to seperate family direct lines from 100's of others with same names.
In the modern age I should be recomending a tape recorder well that is allright but a much safer plan is a wire bound note pad-I have my notes from the 1940's some are a little hard to read but they are there-even the best tapes would probably be gone.
Right now get that note pad on first page make a little "T" graph with you at the bottom and your father on the top left arm and mother on the right- then make the same "T" [you might want to lay it on its side-placing one after you father and one after you mother and here you can record your grandparents. WOW you have made the first step on your way to becoming helplessly involved in genealogy. special forms are available for this there are special forms for everything. There wasn't when I started so we will stick to the old way until we are out of the infant stage. If you are a little experienced this is going to be boreing for a few postings but come back you will learn somthing as we get into detailed records
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