Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cars It's part in our Family History

My dad by his Model Tee, it all started with my grandfather needing a way to travel around the town of Palatine as the School Super intendant-Since we lived in a small town we had no way to keep a horse so the natural thing by 1929 was the auto-As a real small child my grandmother and I would ride with him from school to school. When his healthy took a sudden turn he had to give up the position and stay at home eventually taken to a bed. Without the income the $6.50 payment per month was more than they could afford-the depression was deepening so the bank allowed him to put the car on blocks of wood in the back yard and let them hold the keys-he could keep the car until he could afford to make the payments. By now I was old enough to play in the model "T" in my imagination I travelde all over, it was beautiful inside, on the post by the door was a carnival glass vase on each side-the rear window was oval and the seats were real soft mohair.

Econamey picked up and my dad was able to make the payments so he put it back on the road

Not long after he had to trade it. I suppose the big touring
car looked better than that model T coupe . By 1932 my father had taken the position with Baily Knitting mills that my grandfather had to give up due to the T.B lung infection, Business was getting better Baily's Knitting mill was again operating and dad was beginning to improve financially so the first thing was a different auto.

to full fill the American dream by the 1938 period we were becoming a traveling family- As the weather improved it was camp trips each weekend

I can remember on Friday afternoon we would pack up the car with everything we would need -on the floor in the front was a old coffee can were each person put in a dollar or and all expenses were paid from this-when it was depleted they would each put a little more in. We always stopped to Charly Schraders house, he was a butcher and you could buy 3 pounds of ground beef for 25 cents. then off to Northville a stop at the bakery and just down street was a ice cream parlor my mother would go in and get each person a pint of ice cream and a handful of wooden spoons, then on to the Wells Campsite were my uncle had a store and a littler piece of land on the river were we would set up camp. Then Sunday night take everything down and go home.-but this built a strong bond with the family.

In 1940 my uncle gave me the old ford that we used to go camping with-my first car and the beginning of a long love affair with Ford

Darwin is in the left and that is me on right

I presently have a 29 model A sport coupe and a 1965 Mustang 289 convertible in my garage just to look at.

afraid to drive them for fear they would get dirty

So our family drew much closer together thanks to the car it also made it possible to travel about New York State and visit the homesteads and cemeteries of our ancestors letting us learn more of our genealogy.


Terry Thornton said...

Bob, I enjoyed your COG article --- those pictures of the cars are super! Is your first car by chance a 1936 Ford? (The one your uncle gave you?) My Dad had such as his "fishing car" but my brother and I used it for all our "running around" years.
Hope you will join us at the COG again and again.

Moultrie Creek said...

Another Mustang fanatic. The first car I bought myself was a '67 fast-back - just like the Bullitt car except for the engine (289) and transmission (automatic). It was a tank and I loved it. I'm still kicking myself that I ever sold it.

Thanks for bringing back some great memories.