Monday, April 14, 2008

From my Grandmas Kitchen

I found this photo of the exact stove my grandmother had in her kitchen in Nelliston,New York in the 1930's--have had her cook book well its really called Jewel Cook Book a compendium of useful information [Manuel for every household]

this was a gift to my grandmother to help her organize her home and I thought perhaps some of the suggestions might be of interest to the new brides and families just starting out
so will copy some tid bits for you occasionally watch for the stove:

The economy being what it is thought this recipe for Sundays dinner 1890-

Prepareing and Serving Boiled Calf Head [without the skin]
you will need a Calf's head,water,a little salt,four tablespoonfuls of melted butter, one tablespoonful of minced parsley, pepper and salt to taste, one tablespoonful of lemon-juice.
After the head has been thoroughly cleaned, and the brains removed, soak it in warm water to blanch it. Lay the brains also into warm water to soak, and let them remain for about an hour. Put the head into a stewpan, with sufficient cold water to cover it, and when it boils, add a little salt; take of every particle of scum as it rises,and boil the head until perfectly tender. Boil the brains, chop them and mix with them melted butter, minced parsley, pepper, salt and lemon-juice in the above proportion.
Take up the head, skin the tongue and put it on a small dish with the brains round it. Have ready some parsley and butter, smother the head with it, and the remainder send to table in a tureen. Bacon, ham,pickled pork or pig's cheek are indispensable with calf's head. The brains are sometimes chopped with hard boiled eggs.

Now do not go to the super market and expect to pick up a head you will have to order this a few days before trying the recipe, that will surprise them not much call for calf heads these days.

Will be bringing you more helpful hints from 1890


Rosebud Collection said...

I will pass on the calf head..the stove is wonderful..Didn't notice, but it looked like a Glenwood..think that was the name..Friend of mine had one in the kitchen..Beautiful and are hard to find.

Distressing Delilah said...

yuck....calf head! cool stove though!