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School Friends Genealogy Proves Relationship

The family started out camping together rather they knew that they were related I never found out while any of them were alive. Darwins Grt Grt Grandfather was George Lasher who married Maria Klock and they were also my Grt Grt Grandparents-Same town,small world. Pictured are Hazel Lasher on left with Darwin Lasher and Mary E. Lord my mother and me. Notice the old car, and lantern below the fender-this was at Pine Lake about 1928. Darwin and I started our friendship real early. The walk to school mornings and nights was quit a trip no buses it was just a tag over 3 miles from my house to the school house but you had to cross the Mohawk River and that was one windy cold trip.As long as I can remember "Tim" as we called Darwin wore a light cloth jacket like the Eisenhouser jacket of ww2- no matter how cold it was, that is all he wore for a coat.
In the fall of in 1939 Darwin met a new girl from Stone Arabia, name was Edith Saltzman, It wasn't long before I met her sister Mildred, things were good we saw the girls in school and whenever there was a dance we managed to meet them. Then weekends our parents started to get involved. It was at least 8 miles from my house to the Saltzman farm in Stone Arabia so if we could make it happen one of our parents would drive us out to the farm and the other one would come and pick us up. When this would not work we would walk. A few days before Xmas we had to snowshoe across country, note the photo we each have a gift under our arm.

Weather permitting we would ride our bikes, in order to get traction, we wrapped rope around the tires . Were this is a will there is a way. We had
a lot of fun at the Saltzman farm, One time in the
early fall we were helping fill the silo, George Saltzman
the girls father was up in the top of the silo, inside
standing on a ladder or something, Darwin was feeding
the worm which feed the corn into a chopper to which
was attached a 8 inch pipe running up the outside of the
silo and in thru the hole were George was so the chopped
insulage could go up the pipe into the Silo. My job was
to put water in the chopper to keep everything wet
enough so it would pump up the pipe. Of course "Tim"
and I are trying to impress old George. All of a sudden he yells down "Water" so I stick a hose in the chopper to wet it down more, then a lot louder he is yelling "Water-Water" so there is another hose a few feet away I grabbed it and opened it up, now the water it really running out of everything. All of a sudden George comes out of the little hole up there about 40 ft in the air with both arms swinging shouting shut the "dam thing off".
Ya! you know he was yelling "No Water" I did not hear the "no", now we have a 8 inch pipe, 40 foot in the air jammed tight with wet insulage so much for making a impression.
There were a lot of fun times, Our families and the Saltzman family had hit it off pretty good. When it was just right, maybe a fresh snow, or church dinner we would get together. The photo to the left is George Saltzman, Clyde Lasher, Edwin Lord, Darwin Lasher, and Bob Lord. There were a lot of hills on the farm great placed to tobaggon .

When the day was done Mildreds mother was a terrific cook, always a great meal, and a big family in addition to the two girls there was a twin brother Malcolm, and Leo, and a older sister Thelma, With the family and all the boy friends and girl friends it was one great family. Spring time brought about the Sap season, Georges neighbor had a sap hut and several acres of Maple
trees. That is the place to be in March, with the
cold nights and warm days the sap flows good
and when the pails are filed you have to bring them to a vat were it is held until its time to boil it off.
Once this cooking is started you have to stay
with it to keep the fire going . When the color and
thickness of the syrup is just right it has to be
drawn off into containers. What is left is dipped
into a pail and taken outside were we used to
pour it on the snow. This cools and is what we
called "Jack Wax" its sort of part way between
Maple syrup and Maple sugar. If you have never had it, you are really missing out, it's only available while they are boiling down the sap, nothing you can buy in the Super Markets, if money is no object I suppose maple syrup could be boiled down but it would take a lot of syrup and heat. The girls in the photo are from left to right Hazel Lasher, Edith Saltzman, Mildred Saltzman, next do not know, Mary Lord, and George Satzman's wife, I do not remember girls on ground.
By the spring of 1942 I had my car and getting
to the farm was a bit easier. Also about this
time. I was called to the Principals office in
school, a place I was pretty familiar with, but
this time they had a offer for part time job at
the Spencer Textile Mill, sweeping floor and
weighing cloth-right down my alley- better
then I thought, also wanted me to be chauffeur,
not bad he had couple of children, his wife's
nieces June and Sharon Vosburgh. So when
his wife and the girls wanted to go shopping
I got to drive that big Chrysler with bright
yellow wheels. Loved the spring it seems both
of our families either went to Pine Lake or up along the Caroga Creek area, to cool off and play in the water. When we went on these outings the girls always got to be
with us. It was easier with the old Ford, but we usually ended up going to the same spots were the parents were. I do not think we are a open minded today as our parent were in the 40's I guess the times are a lot different now, back then
you could go off to a remote area and not be afraid something was going to happen.
As spring approached Malcolm the twin brother of Mildred asked to ride to town with us, then wanted to pick up a girl friend. What a surprise, his girl friend was the bosses niece June, that worked out and before long Darwin sort of dropped out with Edith, but now I had to pick up June and then go to Stone Arabia for Mildred and Malcolm. this went on for a few months, then one day my grandmother asked me why I was going to Fort Plain to get this girl June and then driving all the way with her to get Mildred and Malcom, come back to town and then take them back and come back with June. She thought June was a much prettier looking girl and I could be with her a lot longer. God those Germans think of everything. In a few days while coming
home from Stone Arabia en route to June's home
I suggested perhaps we could go out together, "there was a great show the next night".
It worked she said yes and the trips to Stone Arabia got further apart. I think there was a family plot going on-whenever I was going to pick
up June to go with her I was offered the family car, Stone Arabia trip and I had to use the old Ford. One night when I had the old ford it ran out of gas, I walked to get some while I was gone wouldn't you know Malcolm saw the car and stopped asked June what happened and she replied "I am waiting for the Robert E.Lee" For years that was a private joke we shared. my name is Robert E.Lord, we are in the photo on the family 1937 chevy-hard to get cars by then, about 1944 looks like early spring just before I left for service.
So the story of my school day friends ends, Darwin and I seldom saw each other after high school, but the girl June went on to be my wife, until I destroyed that relationship.

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