Saturday, April 5, 2008

What Traits Run in Your Family

Have you ever wondered about that crooked little finger or that unusual birth mark --- maybe its from a ancestor. We all have unique genetics but we also have certain marks that are passed from one generation to another.---
Our family has one very distinctive feature that has been handed down for generations and seems to be genetically strong enough for us to pass it on. Notice the hair line very distinct widows peak not bad when you are young but as time passes the two sides meet and all that is lefty is a crown and bald spot. I am on the left about 1946 my mom in center and father on right.

This is a photo of my grandfather Edwin Booth Lord, taken in 1924 notice the hair line. He is pretty sick at this time and a doctor told him to try and live in the out of doors to help his breathing. He had Tuberculosis of the lungs but they had not discovered it yet. Once a large man, but the cloths give away how much he has lost.

I do have photos of his father Byington Lord, but these were take when he was in his 70's and like the rest of his the descendants, we have a thinning problem nothing on top. Along with this widow peak we also have an abundance of body hair, I used to get kidded in the service-"another day and I would have been a dog" or the "dog tags were used by Barbour to know were to stop with clippers"
As you can see my son Lancing has the same hair line, its beginning to creep back on the sides. He has two children Spencer Lord and Heather Lord, It's awful to admit but I have not noticed if they have this Lord trade mark. Another family trait is the ability to laugh-when things get to serious one of us will find a way to lighten the tension by joking or laughing. I recall my grandfather being this way even in his sick condition he could find some humor in what was going on around him. When there is a family gathering we usually end up being the life of the party

So look to your ancestors for those odd traits or obvious similarities that we share from our genetic past.


Rosebud Collection said...

We all had a sense of humor and I would like to think it is passed down.
My dad told me a story about his cousin and tuberculosis..this doctor cured him, they had a little house and it turned..the doctor had him in it winter/summer and always faced the sun..Dad remembered turning the house certain times of the day..I always enjoy everyone's blogs

Janice said...

I don't know of many people with a widow's peak. Your story was very interesting.

I thought I'd share this "Gene Machine" article with you!


Colleen said...

Has anyone ever told you or your son that he looks a little bit like Richard Karn, the actor who played Al Borlan on "Home Improvement"?

Then no one ever thinks that people I think look like other people really look like other people.

Or something like that. I really enjoyed your article!

Ona said...

My dad was your second cousin and he definitely had the widow's peak!