Friday, May 23, 2008

Blacksmithing a Family Occupation all but Gone

In working on my genealogy I found that many of my direct lines were blacksmiths, and in most families this trade passed from one generation to another. The most recent one was my Grt grandfather Moses Genereau alias James Cummings. He was born 13 Sep 1855, in Thurlow, Hastings, Ontario, Canada. As a young man he worked in the lumbering trade , but in later years followed his fathers trade of being a blacksmith.
In or about 1895 he came to Spring Cove New York with his family and worked at his trade. He had 14 children, one of these was Charles A. Cummings born 16 Jan 1875 died 8 Jun 1951,[born Genereau but changed name abt 1895]. There is some question about his birth date, census records and immigration rec indicate 1875 his head stone is marked 1870 but his parents were not married until 1875 in Catholic church Bellville.
Charles and his wife with their children Charles, Ralph, and Clifford
all became citizens in 1904 and they were using the name Cummings.
At a young age he worked and learned the trade with his father at Spring Cove. We have a excellent photo of Charley with his leather apron just about to shoe a horse. This might well have been in Spring Cove.
Wednesday 27 Jun 1899 he took time off and got married to May Etta Locery born 29 aug 1879 and lived until 31 Mar 1936. her parents were William John and Louise Prieur Lacey, from Ontario Prov. Canada.
We are very lucky to have a picture of them, taken a few years
after the wedding. They are seated in the photo and the lady in the center is Mammie Hanley a friend. They had a three children born in Canada, and ten born in the Waverly area of Franklin Co., New York. for a total of 13. This Cummings family has been very difficult to put together. Our branch while having many of the same names has nothing to do with the established Cummings in this country. Our branch started with James Cummings, who in reality was Anthoney Moses Genereau.
Charles Cummings remained close to his siblings and the Newspaper articles list the many visits from his sisters and brothers. These newspaper tabulations is a source you must always examine, they have great stories about your ancestors and enable you to connect families, filling in the life stories.
I have posted the names and births of these 13 children, in my data base at Rootsweb-World connect. The link to the right of this article "Cummings" will take you to the index, just scroll through the names until you find your ancestor, click and the information will come right up.
Charle's genealogy will take you back many generations to France, and include some of the earliest names in Canadian families-for a few Genereaux, Cote, Dupuis, Langlois , and dozens more. These are descendants of the French soldiers that came to these shores in the
1600's to carve out a settlement along the St Lawrence, to trap and trade with the native Indians.
If you are a descendant of this Cummings line you have a well documented lineage going back a couple of hundred years.

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