Thursday, May 15, 2008

Do You Have a Byington in your Ancestory

This is a different post--for the past 60 years I have off and on worked on my Grt grandmother's genealogy her name was Betsey Byington, born on 7th Sep 1788, she married a Anson Lord. That was about all I could find out until the 1960's when I contacted a Homer Byington, We exchanged notes and helped each other, I found her father.
My Betsey was daughter of a Samuel Byington, of Dutchess co. The next ten years I copied or had someone copy every reference to Byington in any record that could be found, resulting in hundreds of pieces of paper. The printed book The Boynton Family, by John Farnham Boynton is a great outline but nothing is documented.
No one bothered with the Byington family of Dutchess co. I hired a [so called]professional genealogist to search for dutchess co information, she actually sent me the original wills and deeds not copies but the real thing-relax I sent them back to the surrogate office. I really had to much information. it could not be correlated, bits and pieces from all over. To make things even more complicated some of them were not consistent with the name . They all started out with Boynton,but a few used Boyington, and another branch liked Byington. I had a roll of meat paper that I could roll out on dinning room table and draw "T" charts for each family group and try to move them around but always lacked that piece of information to put the puzzle together. Three years ago I answered a query about a Byington and met, Mark Byington, a researcher for Harvard who was working on his branch of the family. About a week later a Larry Boswell , from Canada wrote about a Byington , who he was researching. Wow, we have three people with same goal, then I remembered Homer and we were able to contact him. For the next two years we had a four-way e-mail round table going from one ancestor to another. At 82 in Florida my research was limited to the computer, Homer was able to visit national Archives in Washington, Mark was located in an area that allowed him to visit the probate offices, and Larry concentrated on Canada and northern Vermont.
I tried to keep the data base #Rlord335 , up to date. The information that we found was not new it had always been there but no one had ever looked at it, all the material that I had copied in the 60's was copies of copies, you have to go to the original source, when you do, things fall together as they should. The four of us accomplished more in two years than I had done in 60.
The total individuals in the data base exceeds 75,000 of this 2109 are Byington, 41 are Boyington, and 285 are Boynton. you can access this by clicking on the link on this page marked Byington, it will take you directly to my data base index, just go down to "B" then Byington and you will have the complete index. We have added everyone we could find in the census records for each year. We feel this is the most up to date listing for this family, it is on going, if you find a error please let us know.
I have worked on all my lines and have on a few specialized, like Byington, will post on them later-you might go to my data base to see if I have worked on your line, click on Byington even though I have been careful with all the ancestors born in this country be sure and double check them. Please do not copy the material as many have without even correcting the spelling. Its a dead give away when you down load the spelling errors.
Before I close would like to tell you about a obit I found:
Eliza Byington died at her home ,Clayville,N.Y. Friday would have been 98 yrs old,born Rock Hill,Conn 1803, married Horatio Nelson Byington 1821 he died 1823 and she remained a widow
since then. Each 10 years census found her living with different relatives. For some reason she sort of sticks in my mind, strange she never remarried

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Rosebud Collection said...

What work..This is like a big puzzle.
You must enjoy it very much..It has to be hard, when people moved to different places and some records were not kept up as good as others.
Enjoyed reading about everything.