Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Richest Realtive-their Place in My Genealogy

At age of 5 I was sure "My Aunt"[great aunt] from New York City was the most rich person in the world. I somehow realized we were poor but in 1931 everyone was, but I did not know that. When the adults discussed that Edna was coming it was like xmas was on hand.
She arrived in a big car, with fur coat and lots of bright jewelry but
best of all there would be a box for me. The last time she was here I got a big metal car that had real head lites, and doors opened and
steering wheel turned the front wheels-just no one in town had
anything like that. [wish i still had it] the photo to the right is just
like the car her husband George Maconchie drove, It was so shinney you could see yourself in the doors, just like a mirror.

It was in the late fall that they came to visit, snow on the ground but even the snow was not on the car he must have cleaned it off, I thought he was so rich the snow would not stay on it.

George was a Jeweler in New York, as I look back on it can
see why I felt they were rich. Now I realize they were like everyone else he just had better income during those rough years. They only came to see my grandfather Edwin B. Lord , Edna's brother, and suppose they enjoyed bringing gifts to their only nephew, but I was too young at the time to realize all of this.
In the photo on the left the first lady is the mother of Edna and Edwin, Josephine Johnson bn 4 sep 1855 died 18 may 1910 wife of Byington Lord bn 25 apr 1844 died 20 apr 1931. The Lady in center is Edna Lord bn 1877 Fultonville,N.Y. died 1953 Bloomfield N.J. married to George Maconchie. and the man on right is Edwin B Lord bn 4 dec 1878 died 1 oct 1937 , the photo was taken just before 1910.
On the right a photo of the greatest gift any boy could have received in
1931 a Graff Zeplin. Its almost a big as me, man I kept that right next to
my bed for several years, all the kids in town had to come to the house
to see it . Have no idea of were it is now last I knew it was in the attic
of the house on Berthood St. Nelliston, N.Y. maybe someone still has
it and is enjoying it as much as I did.
Isn't it strange how as children we observe situations and people so differently than we do when we are overwhelmed with facts and records.
Edna Lord and George Maconchie had two children George born about 1903 and Edna Mae born 1905 Bloomfield N.J. but I have not been able to find them. Edna also has a brother Elias Lord born 18 oct 1879 also lived in Bloomefield N.J. a family I am still working on

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