Monday, May 12, 2008

Union Soldier Brings home Virginia Bride

Genealogy of a civil war, 47 year old private
Daniel St John Lord, born, 13 Sep 1815, died, 15 jan 1877. the son of Anson Lord, bn 1 Aug 1785, and Betsey Byington bn 1 Sep 1788. His life was pretty stable as Anson had just moved into the Broadalbin-Galaway Area, a blacksmith by trade, Daniel being one of 11 children, he knew early about hard work. He was 31 years old before he met and married Cynthia Kested, bn 1819 the daughter of William Kested, bn 1794 and Olive his wife, bn 1794 in Mass. The marriage took place 12 Jan 1846, as a wedding gift William Kested deeded Cynthia the south West corner of the Kested Farm being about 2 and one half acers of land. William died before 1850, when the census was taken, Daniel and Sunthia were listed with Olive, his mother in law. Then in 1852 the couple had a son Charles. They are now all living on the farm, when death again visits and takes Olive, recorded in the 1855 census we find just Daniel,Cynthia and son
Charles. In the year 1862 Charles died on June 5th and in few days, his mother Cynthia. Both are buried in the Broadalbin
Cemetery. Daniel is left alone, he is 47 years old with out a family. The war is the main issue and he makes the decission to enlist at Amsterdam N.Y. in the 16th New York Heavy Artillery, 18 dec
1863 By Jan 9,1864 he is reassigned to 6th Regiment, New York Heavy Artillery, and remains with them until discharged.

May 8-12 1864 managed to be at Spottsylvania , and cold harbor
in june, from there the unit went to Siege of Petersburgh were he was able to remain for over a year, in and around Petersburgh. For a long period of time he was at Bermuda Hundred, Army of the James, and Chesterfield, Va.

area from june 1864 until Petersburgh fell April 2 1965 .
While the seige of Petersburgh was going on life was continuing, month after month it was a
waiting game. Life in camp became routine, only break was the occasional free time in town.
A certain girl, by the name of Virginia Wells, bn 12 oct 1839 at Dinwiddie Virginia, a factory worker, daughter of Dickson B.Wells, bn 28 may 1819 & his wife Mary, bn 1821 , now living
in Chesterfield, Va., South District, in the 1860 census, well within the Union Lines 1864 through 1865. It was only natural that this young lady and the Northern soldier would meet. We will no doubt never know what brought these two together.
They married in 1865- his unit was transfered and discharged, 24 Aug 1865 at Washington and the two of them returned to Broadalbin, N.Y.
Daniel continued to work the farm, Virgina bore three children, Charles Daniel, 5 jun 1867, Mary Ione, 21 mar 1871, and Ida, 29 jun 1874.

Daniel passed away 15 Jan 1877 , and was buried beside his first wife Cynthia in the Brodalbin Cemetery.

Virginia stayed in Broadalbin, N.Y. marrying William Jas.Johnson 13 dec 1878 they had two sons William Thomas Johnson, 21 aug 1879, Alfred Eugene Johnson, 24 Aug 1882.

It must have been a lonely life for Virginia, she had 5 sisters in Chesterfield,Virginia, but when her husband Daniel died she elected to stay in the north-Some family heirlooms that passed down in the family were saved by her and given to her children and eventually ended up with me, so I have always thought about her and her ability to step into the family and become such a part of it.


Rosebud Collection said...

You have to admit, these people had a
lot of courage..As always, a real good read..thanks.

Cabinhaus said...

I am interested in knowing who William Kested's parents were. I have done a lot of research and compiling of the Kested/Kiersted family that settled in Broadalbin, NY Would William's father and mother be Joseph and Rhoda? Would Cynthia's middle initial be B? If so, this would be a whole new line that I don't have completed. Anxious to hear from you