Sunday, June 1, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Our family looked forward to the Memorial day week end- this was the new beginning. For weeks all the camping gear was unpacked and made ready . My Grandmother's brother owned a little general store and dance hall adjoining the Sacandaga Camp site located between Northville and Wells, N.Y. right on the Sacandaga River.
His property included a small piece of land between the river and the road, next to the State Beach. He let us camp on this plot, it
needs a little work. The photo was the first day, we had just removed a "put-put" golf course. The lot was leveled up before
the tent was set up. In return my dad and uncle Vern would help
Uncle Charlie on dance nights.

My uncle found a tent that was no longer used at the Fonda Fair ground, so we set up camp over the Memorial Day week end, and left the tent up all summer. It was a big tent about 14 ft wide and about 16 ft deep, on the outside in big letters it said "10 cent admission to see the three legged calf". It became well known, we had a lot of visitors and a lot of good times,no Calf but a lot of laughs---
Friday night with the car packed it was off to uncle Charle's store,
en route there was a stop at "Washborn's" ice cream parlor,
everyone had carton of ice cream and a wooden spoon. This would
last just about long enough to get to the bakery in Northville, N.Y.,
boy I can remember it like it was yesterday, no wonder everyone
in our photo's looks a little overweight.

During the three months in the summer, our campsite was the gathering place for the family, our front yard was the beech, plenty of tables and big parking lot.
Saturday evening and Sunday
afternoon there was entertainment
across the street. Some Sundays
we had as many people at out tent
site as they had in the state camp
site. No one had much money, but
everyone seemed to join together and enjoy life. In all the years that we camped there, with dances, across the roadway, two or three times a week-hundreds of people drinking and dancing I never saw or head any fighting or loud arguments. Much different than the 60's when I had a dance pavilion and had to have several uniformed deputies on hand
and several arrest made every week.

As a society we continue to progress, have more material things and live a easier life but the trade off seems to be no time to do anything but seek these material things, the time we save
seems to vanish in front of the T V

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Rosebud Collection said...

You know,it was a much more caring time then..I remember we always went to my grandmothers on Sundays..I have always tried to keep that type of closeness with the girls/husbands..Unfortunately, they had to move farther away, due to jobs. We get together, but not as often..The more we work for, the less we have..