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Sarah Booker Olyer,The Hat Lady,Athol,Mass


Family REUNION 3 AUG. 1941

OLYER REUNION. Everyone in the photo is a descendant of John Olyer of Lyon mountain, New York, with the exception of two people Wilbur Olyer and his wife Sarah Booker. standing with hat and white purse. kneeling just to the right of her is Wilbur, only man kneeling.

Wilbur's father was Philip Olyer, who married Harriett Battman, brother of our
John Olyer. He was the oldest Olyer at the reunion. Wilbur was born in 1876,
Altmont, Clinton Co. New York. When he was in his early teens went to work for
the Hardwood Mill, in Santa Clare, N.Y. were in a accident he had both legs broken
just below the knees.
He apparently recovered from this and was married to Clara S. Hagar in 1902, this
marriage lasted only a short time when he divorced and married Sarah E. Booker,
living in Athol, Worcester,Mass. with her parents in 1920 census his draft card of which
he had two, show that he worked in the Nitrate factory in 1917-18 and the second card
showed Starret Mfg. Co. in 1918
1930 census he had a net worth of $7500 and was manager, probably of the Hat shop
which in the census 1930 his wife is listed a proprietor. The photo was taken in all probability after the Olyer reunion of 1941. Our branch of family did
not know where Wilbur was before the reunion, from the photo of me would guess its about 1942. Knowing it was their my mother would have to make the trip there to see it.
When a hat had been displayed for a period of time rather than reduce the price she destroyed the hat. Her belief was-a customer who bought a hat one day, would be offended to know someone else could come in the shop a few days later and buy the same item at a discount-so everyone knew they were paying the lowest price no matter when they bought a hat from her. It must have worked as she had the shop all during the depression and well into the 40's, a very high end Ladies hat and accessory shop.

This is a break from Henry Olyers family but will be back with more of his children in the next post, eventual we will have the genealogy of all of Philip Olyer's decedents.

This genealogy of the Olyer line ended with Wilbur, as no known children have been found

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