Friday, July 18, 2008

Beatrice Olyer-Potter-Berney

Photo has been taken from the group reunion taken in 1941,
Genealogy and family history of my Aunt Beatrice Olyer , 5th daughter, of 10 children, born to John V. Olyer and Charlott Ellinor Scutt. She was born in the hamlet Chazy, Clinton Co., New York. 13 Aug 1891
the second daughter, oldest girl living at home in the 1900 census. The family moved about 1902 to Little Falls, New York. All of her brothers moved, that they might be closer to there work- the New York Central railroad.

Beatrice married Cerill Leroy Potter, I do not have this marriage date but assume it was
after 1910 when she appears living at home age 19, and 1920 when she is living with her sister Nora and Frederick Berney. listed as Beatrice Olyer,age 28, along with her mother Charlotte age 67. This is no doubt how she met Herb Berney.

Herkimer, New York, 30 June 1923 she married Herbert Berney, born 2 Apr. 1887, brother of Frederick, both boys sons of Martin Buraugh, born in canada 1848.
Must mention "Herb" Burney, who I had opportunity to meet
several times as a young boy. He would set and talk to me , tell me
stories of his being in WW1 . an enlisted man in the United States
Navy Submarine unit. His submarine was the "Dubuque" in 1910
census he is listed, location Dubuque, Bluefields, Nicaragua, Military & Naval Force age 19. When I knew him he was in his 60's and still a robust strong person, his face was continuous smile, looked like he never new how to be anything but happy.
The interior sub photo, was in his collection, pretty close quarters, think I prefer the air force. He was actively engaged in WW1 of coast of Africa. "Herb" was not in the Olyer reunion group photo. Had he been there he would have been near my dad, they were good friends.
Herbert Burney died 9 feb 1959. left wife Beatrice, 2 brothers Fred of Hartford and Ivan T. of Richmand Va. and sister Mrs Eve Cross.
I do not have a record of any children born to Beatrice, in either marriage, and I do not recall there having any family.
In the 1930 census Herb and Beatrice are listed as living in Frankfort, Herkimer Co., N.Y. , he is employed as a private chafer.


Rosebud Collection said...

Wouldn't like going in a sub either..
Isn't family history really interesting? I am so sorry I didn't tape everything my dad told me..He had a wonderful sense of humor and wonderful stories about family..You are so lucky, to have all this information on your family..Isn't even my family and I love reading everything..Thanks for a good blog..

furthur said...

I am the grand daughter of two named Leroy and Bessie Potter. I did not know them and do not know my Potter father or much about any of the family besides them living in Las Vegas, NV from around the 1950's or 1960's. Your blog came up in a search I did for the two names. All I know is the two (Bessie and Leroy) had three children together: Patricia, Anthony and James. There were more children from Leroy but I have no information on that. Thank you for your thoughtful blog about your family. I hope to hear from you soon. My hope is to attain any background about my Potter family.

cburneyweb said...

Hi there, I am a Burney and have been researching the interesting family hisory! Thanks for the info about Herbert Burney who married Beatrice Olyer .... just wanted to correct a couple name spellings... Beatrice's husband was Herbert Burney. His father was civil war veteran Martin P. Burney from Little Falls. Martin's father was from Canada .. but he was born in Massena, NY. When Herb died he left bros and sister Eva Grose. I have no record of children for Herb and Beatrice either.....great info, thx