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Harry Olyer "Pocket Bootlegger"

A brief genealogy and family history of The third Son, of Henry Lewis Olyer and Jessie Sweeney, of Lyon Mountain,New York. born the 22 Oct 1892 . The first public record is his "draft card 1917-1919 from Wilmington Essex Co.,New York. age 26 med. hgt.,med build,black eyes,dark hair- right eye missing, Occupation -Lumberman, notify mother Josephine Olyer, Lyon Mountain, New York."
Henry was not called into service due to the missing eye.

April 6th 1923 Lake Placid newspaper reports Harry crushed his middle finger left hand when a sled ran over it.

Sept 20th 1923 he received an award of 30 weeks compensation at $14.42 week for total of $432.60. Employer Hurley Bros.,Lake Placid.

By 1927 he joined his brothers in the fast money game of bootlegging. the following article from Lake Placid News: Local man held on liquor charge Harry Olyer, taken into Custody Saturday for "Pocket Bootlegging"Harry Olyer, 45, of Dorsey Street,
Lake Placid, was taken into custody last Saturday night by Officer McCann of the
local police force and Corporal Benjamin, Troop B., State Police, charged with
"Pocket Bootlegging" Olyer, it is said, carried his business with him in the form of a portable drinking equipment consisting of some alleged alcohol in a bottle, a glass, and a funnel. He was arraigned and held under bond $2000, for action of Federal court at Binghamton, New York. Unable to post bonds, Olyer was confined in the Malone jail.
a man said to be Charles Olyer, also of Lake Placid, reputed to be brother of Harry's was captured a short time ago with a load of liquor.

If you have been reading these postings about the 3 Olyer boys, Charles, Gerald, and Harry
all arrested for violation of the prohibition law, yes I agree the law is the law, but these three were caught very quickly and the justice seemed rather harsh when you compare it to other violators of the time. They also had a older brother who was a Narcotic Official.

Harry was not married, seemed to be hard worker, living a single life. There are a number of run ins with the local police force.
June 1937 Harry came up missing, no one had seen him at the familiar watering holes, and he did not come home.
On Tuesday evening at about 6:15 he was found floating face down in Mill Pond, apparently he fallen over the guard rail in the dark and stumbled into the pond.

7 Oct 1937 his sister Mabel L.Gulford, as Administratix of Harry Olyer's Estate entered a negligence suit against the village of Lake Placid for the death of Harry for $10,000.

Could find no children or spouse for Harry.

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Rosebud Collection said...

I think the punishment was very harsh too..Poor Harry..I also think the police were always on their case..Wasn't it a silly law?