Tuesday, July 22, 2008

HOPS All but disapeared today

An occupation that has disappeared from the towns and villages now, once a family occupation
Hop Pickers Fort Hunter
Before the 1930's and the advent of mobile refrigeration, most beer was produced at home or in local breweries, were it could be made and consumed before it spoiled. There was no way to ship it as they do today.
One of the main ingredients was hops, so this was a item that had to be harvested in the summer months. The photo is of a group from Fort Hunter, New York. No doubt the hops are destined to go to Amsterdam, New York. The only person I know is my grandfather Edwin Booth Lord far upper right with X.

notice the dog looks like he has two heads, guess he just could not set still long enough for photo.
from the size of the straw hats it must have been July or August, the women look like it was very warm and uncomfortable job. They are all dressed much differently than present laborers, who harvest our crops

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Rosebud Collection said...

What a nice picture..Bet that was good beer with good hops..