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Oscar Olyer Barn Burner Strikes Altering a Life Forever

Genealogy and family history of Philip Olyers', grand son, Dean Jesse Olyer born 28 dec 1886 in Chazy, Clinton Co. N.Y. the 7th child of 9 born to Oscar Alexander Olyer and his wife Sarah Lucretia Daniels. Dean married 2 Apr 1906, Harriet M. Smith, of Ellenburgh Center, New York.
Life did not deal, Dean Olyer's family a happy start.
First child George S. was born 5 Apr 1907.
18 Oct 1907 infant twins were born and died at birth, and a son died at birth 1908.
Perry Olyer was born 6 July 1909.

None of my research has turned up why or who it was that was bent on destroying Dean-
Sept 28 1909 Dean lost a horse, died during the night in the barn no apparent reason.

Oct 2 1909 put his horse in barn about six p.m.-dusk-and went into the house, ate his supper and read a little in the paper. He
then went to the barn and saw that his horse was eating grain. Knowing that he had not fed him any, he made an examination and found the grain saturated with paris green [Arsenic] He telephoned to some neighbors, but all efforts at saving the animal's life was unavailing and he died at 11 p.m.. this was the second horse he had lost.
Oct 4 1909 after sunset Mrs Olyer went out to the wood yard with a lantern and observed a man, [Barn burner] near the barn. She returned to the house and told her husband that there was a man out near the barn.
He strapped on his revolver, went out the back door and crept up and saw the man trying to gain entrance to it. He opened fire with the revolver, but all the effect he produced was to
make the man run .
Sunday evening at dusk he went to the barn to do chores, saw the
man again going out the other door, with the hay on fire. He shot twice
at him but did not hit his mark, turned his attention toward trying to
save barn from destruction, his efforts, aided by his neighbors, were
unavailing and by 9 p.m. it was completely destroyed. There efforts
were rewarded by saving the live stock and some of the farm utensils. Sheriff Nash was notified, bloodhounds were unable to establish a trail which had been trampled and obliterated while fighting the fire.
a reward of $100 was offered for capture and detention of guilty party.

They must have been very discouraged, their lively hood had been destroyed and Harriet was
5 months pregnant with Sadie Lucretia, born 5 Mar 1910. A week later Mar 18 1910 Dean Olyer moved his family to Mooers forks, stayed there until April 28 1911 when the family moved to Chateaugay., Work as a farm labor was hard, Two years later Dean went to Beekman to work, to be joined by the family shortly. and by July 1914 they were living in Plattsburgh, N.Y., were Homer Olyer was born 8 Sep 1914.
In 1916, 7th Aug a son Morris was born to them. World war 1 required his registering, this shows he was age 31 ,born 28 dec 1886, white, tall, med built, blue eyes, light hair, farm labor, wife Harriet, living R.D. Plattsburgh, N.Y.
Two years later Pearl Helen, born, 15 Apr. 1918. Sometime around this date , two other daughters, Ruth [Doolittle], and Gertrude [Fitt] joined the family.
5th Aug 1921 twins were born, both died, the girl on the 26th and boy Aug 3oth.
Dean left the farm labor pool and went to work for Irona Creamery, he was injured in May 1924 but the Compensation board, ruled against the Creamery, but made no monetary award, two weeks later the case was adjourned with an award of $121.43, on 12 Jun 1925 the case was closed with an award of $100.95.
Information about the family is vague after this date they are not in the census after 1910. but it appears they moved to Livingston, South Lima, N.Y. area. Harriet Olyer died at home, following illness , 29 Mar 1957, she had moved to South Lima, N.Y. some 12 years ago from Honeoya Falls, N.Y. , she was born in Ellenburg,N.Y., 5 Mar 1884. She left a husband, two daughters Gertrude Fitt, Ruth Doolittle, four sons Perry, George, Morris, Homer. she was interned at Mt Pleasant Cemetery,York.
her husband who survived her, Dean Olyer age 80 , of Livingston, South Lima, N.Y. was injured Thursday in Auto he was driving, collided with another car on route 36, he died the following Sunday. Isn't it strange, his father was killed at age 72, when hit by motorcycle 1915.
How difficult it must have been for this family, just starting out, lost several children-someone took there lively hood away by killing there horses and burning there barn. There marriage seem to survive and they were able to bring up 6 children, wonder how many of us could carry this load.

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Rosebud Collection said...

What a sad story..Let me say this, today you would be hard pressed to find someone that could carry this load..One thing, no matter what year it is, there are always evil people around.I just wish they caught the guy that killed the horses and burned the barn down..