Sunday, August 10, 2008

Edwin Lord "Heirloom Found" Owner Unknown

Family history and strange heirloom - in the quest of genealogy.
My grandfather Edwin Booth Lord born 4 Dec 1878 in Fort Hunter, New York son of Byington Lord bn 1844 and Josephine Johnson bn 1855- his grand parents Martin Lord bn 1817,Gertrude Van Meter bn 1844 and Elias Johnson 1818, Cathern Leanardson bn 1818.

My grandmother Anna Lee Lasher bn 1877-daughter of John "Jack" Lasher bn 1842 and Mary Sterling 1851- her grandparents George Lasher 1805, Margaret Klock, and Simeon Herrick Sterling 1813, Ada Nancy Bell 1815.

The two children are Edwin Booth Lord bn 11 Jun 1904 and his
sister Lillian Lord 4 jul 1907

Grampa Lord was a master mechanic, working for Baily Knitting
Mills in Fort Plain, N.Y. His Machinist Chest has survived and
ended up with me, I am a little ashamed of its condition so thought
I better clean it up. The drawers are full of stuff that accumulates
over the 75 years since his death.
The drawers are all lined with fabric and most of them are really in good condition except for one that would not lay flat, something was under the cloth made a bump. I carefully loosened the fabric along the sides and lifted it up-and found--

The piece of jewelry is made from solid strip of silver and has the date 1884 with a flower type decoration on each side, excellent engraving. The rings holding the coins are silver. The pin is missing from the back. This was placed in the drawer by my grandfather, he carefully attached the fabric on the sides. But Why. I wonder who it was for, none of the dates match anyone in his family or his wife. The coins definitely do not match places that appear in our genealogy. Its a beautiful pin, cleans up niece but I guess no one will know why it meant so much to him. The coin on right is dated 1746, center coin 1827, on the left 1831. I have photographed it and will place it back in the drawer were he had it, just another of those mysteries.

My mother was a great collector of family "things", sure wish I knew the complete stories of some of them, greatful for the Blog it gives us a chance to present these family items so they will not be lost completely.

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