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George Cummings with Heirloom Fiddle

Genealogy and family of George Cummings was born 7 DEC 1899
Spring Cove, Tupper Lake , New York, the 12 child of 14 born to
James Cummings and Margaret Jane LaVallee. Actually he was the
third child born in the United States, his younger siblings were all
born in Ontario, Canada so his name is not found in the immigration
George was married twice, his first wife was Florence Thomas of
Basher Falls,New York, Daughter of William Thomas, they were married 27 Sep 1920, first child was Bessie, born 1924. An oils stove that Florence was using in the kitchen exploded and she was badly burned, this was about April 1929. The family seemed to gather at his brother Charles's home, several newspaper accounts list, George and his wife, Martin Cummings and daughter Shirley, and Mr & Mrs Berlin Olyer as guest 15 Aug 1931, fairly often in the late 30's
After Dorris was born 1933, and before 1943 the family broke up, they were divorced. Doris went with her mother to Massena N.Y. where we find Florence entertaining guest including my grandmother Margaret Cummings Olyer mentioned in Tupper Lake Free Press 16 Sep 1943.
From the newspaper accounts my grandmother was a frequent visitor to Mrs George Cummings, over several years.
George continued to live in Tupper Lake, N.Y. were he met Leola Borgardus , daughter of Weldon Bogardus, born in 1912, Soon they were married at the home of Mr & Mrs Clarence Hurt at Oxbow Lake, New York. 15th of July 1956. Leola had been divorced from Carl Colton, having had one son by her first husband.
George and Leola owned the Parkside Grociery & Gas station on the old road, in 1944, it was completely destroyed by fire, they were unable to salvage anything. including a most valuable family heirloom, a hand made Fiddle, Margaret Jane LaValle, his mother was a well known Fiddle player, she taught George how to play it and gave it to him. We are lucky to have a photo of George with the fiddle.

On 12 Sep 1968 George was driving for the Gold Medal Bakery, when he discovered a fire,
the recently renovated Skyline Inn, was fully engulfed, he notified the Tupper Lake fire dept,
they were able to salvage the building.

George was very active in his church and in the Masonic lodge in fact he held dual membership,
having been appointed Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Alabama, by Lloyd Cochran Grand Master of state New York, he was also Grand Lecture ,Amaranth Court 70 Visitation .
After his death Leola Cummings in a open meeting of lodge #687 presented the lodge with a new Alter given by her in memory of George Cummings.
On the 27 jul 1966 a Surprise Anniversary party was held for George and Leola at their home in Oswegatchie, New York, a newspaper account list all the relatives in attendance.It was shortly after this date that the unknown person left a note at my campsite.
I did not know George, but in researching the family I think he and Leola might have been the couple that wrote the short note on the camp site reservation "if you are looking for Cummings check Genereaux" Without that clue, I would never have been able to unravel this family, I knew there was no Cummings ancestry but had no idea what to look for. Have wished many times that it was just to bad things were so busy on week-ends I just did not have time to meet all the guest, this is one person that I would have loved to questioned about the family.

I have a newspaper account of a three week trip they took and mentioned is a son Robert
Cummings living in Ingelwood, Calif. but I have not been able to confirm that they had any children can you help?

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This finding family is a lot of work..You are doing a great job..They are such good stories. It is sad you never got to meet the person that left the note, especially if it was a distant relative. Glad he left the note anyway..Have a great Sunday..