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Mother of Margaret Jane LaVallee

A plea for help
Margaret Jane LaValle first appears in a census record of Hastings Township, Hungerford, Ontario, Canada as a infant age 1, born in CE. in the household of one Michael LaValle farmer age 29 CE Roman Cath. head and Mary , wife fem age 29 living in same houehold is a Martha Ann Murray age 7 servant, Peter Murray, age 4 CW, RC orphan.

This is the quest to find the genealogy and parents of Mary the
mother of Margaret Jane LaValle,Infant.

Since Michel LaVallee was married a second time to Sophia Genereau
9 Aug 1869 in the St Michael the Archangel Catholic church in Bellville, he must have been married to the first wife Mary in a Catholic church someplace, probably Quebec as infant
Margaret Jane was born CE in census. {think this is Quebec}

When the infant Margaret Jane LaVallee (census 1861} was married 13 Jan 1875 to Anthoney Moses Genereau in the same St Michael the Archangel church, her father was given as Michel
Lavel and mother as Maria Travin [crossed out in pencil and written above Heron]. By this time
1875, the father had already married for second time Sophia Genereau, sister to Anthoney Moses Genereau.

In a newspaper file in the Bellville Library, there is several pages covering a trial-it seems Mary LaVallee was 2 months pregnant, taken ill in May, she sent word to Michael a French laboror from the "Grove", who was working in Kingston to return home, he finding her ill, located a "Doctor Waldren" a vendor of quack medicine from London C.W. gave her oils and powders which resulted in her aborting a child. This led to her death a few days later 7 jun 1867. In her deposition, a few days before death, she states she had a miscarriage sometime before, she was the mother of five children, and was her sister Margaret Philips who took care of her while she was ill. There are pages of testimony, Dr Waldren was in jail, but do not know his outcome.

From family records we know that Margaret Jane had 2 sisters and a half brother and sister.

Margaret Jane was born 1859, Mary Agnes born 1860, Louise born 1864. the half brother must have been Peter Murray bn 1852, the half sister Mary Ann Murray 1854, These Murray children must have belonged to Mary Travin. Interesting fact the two sisters married two Kiser brothers, and Peter married a 2nd cousin Samanthia Kiser; Sure makes genealogy simple.

Berlin Olyer-family story teller, claimed that Michael LaVallee's wife had a Indian squaw come to house to visit, she laid baby on the porch and while inside home a farm animal killed the child.
He also claimed Maria, Michaels wife was Indian or part Indian.

So this is all I know about this poor lady , born about 1832 probably married to a Murray had two children, Peter and Mary Ann. Married second Michael abt 1859 and had three more children, died from medical induced abortion in 1867. The name Travin was crossed out on church entry and above "Heron". Who was she, no first marriage or baptism for her first child,
any suggestions??

Her daughter in photo above lived for years in Waverly New York, near the Indian reservation, if you notice she has on moccasins-no one can recall ever seeing her in anything but these. This
Margaret LaValle was musically inclined, she played and passed on to her son George the fiddle or violin which she used to teach him. Unfortunately his home burned and the instrument was destroyed.


Rosebud Collection said...

When you read this history of your family..our lives are a "piece of cake"..What terrible things happened to these people..I do remember hearing some sad stories from my mom's side..Very hard lives..

normal said...

I'm sure Peter and Mary Murray are my grgrandfather and geat Aunt. My great grandfather, Peter Edward Murray was born in 1856 to Peter Edward Murray & Mary Agnes Ellis. Mary was from Ireland. I don't understand Mary's changed name, but why would she name her daughterm Mary Agnes LaVallee? On Mary Agnes LaVallee's death ceertificate her mother is listed as Mary Ellis. Also, Mary Agnes LaVallee named her son Walter Ellis Kiser. I live in Oswego, NY. Do you know how I can get a copies of the newspaper articles on Marie Mary Haron's death? I'm at a brick wall. My father insisted his grandma was Mary Agnes Ellis!
When I first started doing my research, in 1959, I found a short clip in one of Ontario's newspaper archives that a Peter Murray had drowned while swimming with a friend. They recovered the friend's body but not Peter's. Woner if it could have been my Peter. Still going round and round!
Norma Brown