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William Patrick Murray Killed Store and Home Explosion

Geneolagy and family History, triumphs and disasters of
Louise Genereaux, alias Cummings, was the 7th child of 14, she
was born 10 Jun 1886 in Meadow Bay, Hastings Co. Ontario,
Canada. Her parents were Anthony Moses Genereau and Margaret
Jane LaVallee. Since her father was a Logger his work required
frequent movement, seldom over a couple of years, then on to
another log camp.
As I have posted before her dad left the family in 1890 and did not
return until 1896. During this period her mother was the sole
support for the family and some of the older children were put out to other families in the Martintown, Hastings Co. Ont. area. When the father returned the family came back together and moved to Spring Cove, New York where he worked as blacksmith and mother cooked and ran the dinning hall for the loggers. Would assume she obtained her immigration papers in 1898 when her sister also became a citizen. the family was now going by the name Cummings. When her sister Margaret was married Berlin Olyer, in 1900 and moved to Little Falls, New York-Louise followed her to Little Falls, were she worked in the mills.

About 1917 she met and married William "bill" Patrick Murray, bn 19 Nov 1880 the 4th
child of 5, who's father was Jerry Murray and his wife Margret, lived at East Main St. in Little Falls, New York, were they operated a small grocery and confection store.
Bill Murray signed up for WW1 draft registration in 1917 and gave his nearest relative as Louise Murray, address as 84 Burell St. Little Falls. the next year a daughter May was born, followed
on, 20 Mar 1920, by Jane and then Adelaide in 1923.

As a child I was close to May and Adelaide, I am ashamed to say I have lost tract of them now, I know both of them married and think they live in the Albany, N.Y. area.

Sometime in the 30's Louise and Bill took over his fathers store at east Main st. and continued to operate it, adding the convenience of gasoline for there customers. Those of you from Little Falls will no doubt remember her-about 4ft 8in. , very heavy, never saw her without a smile. As you come into Little Falls,N.Y. on route 5, first street on right had a small Sunoco Gas Station and store. She could not have made much money, she gave her profit away to all the kids, she was always passing a piece of candy to any child that looked like they had no money.

The family lived in the back and upstairs of the store, Bill had a little problem with Irish Ale, which may have led to the accident.

On 12 April 1941, the gasoline supply company filed the underground gas storage tanks, next morning the gasoline had seeped into the cellar, about 9:15, Bill thought he herd water running, and could smell gasoline, but he was a little hung over and probably not thinking, went to cellar door, opened it, turned on the light switch, the explosion blew the building off the foundation and burst into flame. A power company employee got bill out, started CPR worked on him to try and revive him, Louise and a customer Harry Jackson got out the front, the girls had already left for the day. Bill was rushed to Little Falls hospital. but lived only a few hours. How terribly it must have been for his daughter Jane Murray, a Registered Nurse, in charge at the hospital when they brought him in.

This accident is covered in the Utica Observer Dispatch newspaper 13 April 1941

The home, store and contents were a total loss, home was replaced, Louise, with her daughter Jane the Registered Nurse lived there. Louise died July 1973, and Jane Murray died 2 Jun 2006
Photo was taken in 1943, with all that had happened she still was able to smile, always ready
to help anyone. She looks just like her mother see posting Feb. 27/2008

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You know this is something else..The things people deal with on earth and still smile..God Bless them..And sometimes I complain about not being able to sell this house..shame on me..