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Albert Cummings Drowned in Little Green Pond

Genealogy and family history of
Albert Cummings, the 11 th child of 14 born to Anthony Moses Genereau [alias James Cummings] and Margaret Jane LaVallee. Albert was born 30 Dec 1898, in a logging camp at Spring Cove, New York, not far from present Tupper Lake. His father Jim was the blacksmith and his mother ran the cook house for the crew of about 50 men. The family had just moved to Spring Cove from Canada, His brother Martin was the first child born in this country 1996.
There was not much chance for education, they did attend school but being on the move, no one was concerned when school was missed. At a very early age Albert left home following the urging of the press to "go west young man" he went to the western states and ended up in
Kildare, Louisiana.
In 1919 he came home from Kildare La. to visit his parents and brother Martin. While on this visit he met Cora Stella Mae Antoinette Jarvis, and they were married 3 may 1920 at Piercefield, St Lawrence Co.,New York.
There first child was Margaret Agnes 1921, Albert James 1922, then Chester Clifford 1925,
Ivan Ronald 1929 and Vern Raymond 1931. a son John but I do not know when he was born or if he lived.
In 1930 Albert and Cora made there home in Waverly,Franklin Co. New York. I am not sure but the census and newspaper articles indicate they might have lived in his fathers home as he [James] is living with Albert's family in census age 82. Two years later Jim died, at which time he was living with son Charles. There are a number of newspaper articles about family members visiting Jim at both of these homes.
Albert was a born woodsman, his start in life was the logging work at Spring Cove, he loved to hunt and fish. On 26 Jan 1950 Albert, Martin and Charles went rabbit hunting near St. Regis, they split up and agreed to met and return home-when night fell the two brothers came home but no Albert each thought he was with the other, instead he spent the night with only the rabbit that he shot earlier for food. Two years later just before Xmas he was with a party of four that shot a 475 pound black bear one of the largest ever taken.

His luck ran out June 1969, a beautiful morning Albert and Norman Buniell his brother in law were up early and ready for a full day fishing Little Green Pond. The morning was still very cool so both men had there heavy wool cloths and jackets on, setting in a boat all day, that early in the season could be very cold. The craft was a 12 foot aluminum row boat, loaded with cooler, tackle boxes, fish poles, etc. They rowed out to just the right spot and Albert stood up to lower the anchor and adjust his cloths when suddenly the craft tipped and everyone was in the cold water. Albert was 72 years old, so was Norm, In those few seconds no one knows for sure what happened. Norm had all he could do with the heavy cloths and boots, he was able to grasp the boat but Albert made no effort. the death certificate says he drowned, there was no autopsy, they also said he could not swim, this is not true. Little Green Pond was extremely cold, even in the late summer it remains cold, Some of the family and I agree, in the excitement of plunging into the cold water, he probably had a heat attach and involuntarily drew in water instead of air, the heavy cloths making it impossible to fight back, he went under without a struggle.
The Saranac Lake Rescue Squad, responded to the scene, he was removed to the Saranac Inn Fish hatchery. pronounced dead on arrival.

After leaving the logging trade he worked for International Paper Co. in Mooers. his wife Cora lived until 24 Aug 1999 when she died in New Port Richy, Fla.

I do not have a photo of Albert, if any members of the family that read this, would love to find photos of Albert, Leonard, Dennis, or any of the family, have accumulated so much about this very unusual family, I hope to compile a book that the history will not be lost forever

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What a story..Gosh, so many had sad endings..I bet the cold water caused a heart attack too..the shock of it.
Another good read..