Monday, November 10, 2008

WW11 Army Nurse and WAC Sheppard Field Texas

Well late again but was reading "AnceStories", which triggered a memory of two very important young girls in my life. WW11, 1944 I was at Sheppard Air Base in Wichita, Texas. One night while crossing the parade ground I passed out, was taken to base hospital and in few days the commandant of the hospital sent my wife[of one month] a telegram "your husband critical recovery doubtful suggest you come if possible"
Well being new bride she called my parents and for first time in there life they flew in a air plane from Albany, N.Y. heading for Texas. That trip is another story, they eventually got to Texas but by train.
I was in a coma my doctor was Capt Pritchet, he and his nurses a pair of twins Helen and Hazel Albie had just arrived at Sheppard from the south Pacific and thought they new what was wrong and had a program to help me, at the same time my parents arrived, my dad had been in the Albany Medical Center just 4 years before with exactly the same problems. Capt Pritchet and my mom called Albany Medical Center and the Doctors agreed on a course of treatment. Now the real star performer was a young Nurse Hazel Albie, she remained with me for two days until my parents arrived and then was in charge of all my test and medications, it was almost another week before I was awake enough to know everyone. My father, wife and her uncle, went back to New York, but my mom stayed there at the Guest house . The technition or nurse aid was Dorthy Platte, she was in my room anytime Hazel had to leave. These two young girls went way beyond the call of duty to take care of me. Dorthy took my mom under her wing and made sure she was comfortable at the guest house. As I got better Dorothy and Hazel found a uniform that I could get dressed and get out of the hospital. My mom left in November.
I was given a leave and came home for Christmas. Never returned to Sheppard.
Shortly before I left, Capt Pritchet was transferred from Sheppard.

For several years my mother wrote to Dorothy and we know she was married.
If anyone knows either of these girls Hazel Albi or Dorothy Platte
I would love to see them again. Its been 64 years, a long time to remember someone you only knew a few months, may have the spelling wrong, but the names are etched in my memory. It is strange how selective our memory is, there was a Paul Wit that I became friends with he left before me, remember he had somthing to do with the frozen food buisness.

Friday, November 7, 2008

1939 Worlds Fair wow! 70 years ago

Time out from Genealogy to recall one of the highlights of times gone by. has been doing a great job with the Carnival and I have visited that site a lot when Jasia noted that October was Polish remembrance I knew that some place we had the Worlds Fair photos and some of them were from the Polish Pavilion. Like everything else in life time has taken it toll. there are only two Photos left, and I am a few days late.

The photo that everyone takes with the sphere and ball in back ground and in the foreground from left to right my aunt Ruth Rose, My Mom Mary Lord, my most favorite aunt Julia Adamskie Olyer and my grandmother Margaret Olyer. I do not know were they put me, was probably being a spoiled brat and they did not want a bawling kid in the picture.

The next photo is in front of the Polish Pavilion, picture is marked 1939 the couple is my Mother and father. I can recall some of the trips we went several times, my dad loved to drive and was always ready to take anyone with us so in order to get everyone to the fair he only had a car full at a time, that way he could make extra trips. We lived about 180 miles from the city.

It must have been difficult for the Polish government to staff and maintain this display, which I think was open a couple of years, If my memory is correct Poland had been overrun by Germany in 1938. The day this photo was taken, in addition to the Polish Pavilion we had to go see the "Rockets" My grandmother had a niece who was a preformer, We never did get to see her, guess we were not a V I P, of course my grandmother picked out one girl who she thought was Lenard Cummings daughter and watched her every move.
My Mom had a couple of photo books full of pictures and cards from the fair but I can not find them, the only other item I have is a miniature "pickle" from the Heinz display, guess everything else got thrown away that stuff wasn't worth saving then. My grandmother was the only immigrant in the family, coming from Canada in 1898 , then Julia married my uncle, Guess that is why we sort of adopted Poland as our place to visit.

Now its back to finishing the Olyer and Cumming genealogy book

Sunday, November 2, 2008

WW 11 Proud Moms Katherin Pratt Olyer

Katherine Pratt interesting genealogy was born 27 Sep 1888 in Ray Brook, Northern New York, probably had no idea of the things life would burden her with. Her childhood has eluded me so far and my earliest record is her marrying Ross Raymond Olyer, in 1906 at Plattsburgh, New York. Ross as you may recall worked for the Delaware and Hudson Railroad, worked his way up to Fireman on Steam engine. They were doing fine, living in North Elba, Essex Co. New York In 1910 Katherine gave birth to a daughter Thelma, it would appear she died shortly after, there was a lot of Influenza during the mid 1900's and she is not listed in 1920 census.other children came along, in 1913 Rolland was born, two years later Stanley, then Carlton in 1918, and the last child Lionell 1920. Things were going well, the family had a above average income and with the Rail Road policy of furnishing free travel to its employees and there dependents, Katherine, with the children getting a little older, was able to travel around the state and visit relatives. The depression did not effect them to much, by the mid to later part of the 30's the boys all had found work locally.Rolland met and married Virginia Brown 10 Feb 1933, Stanley married J. LaBlanc in 1936, Then 1 day in April 1940 without giving it a thought Ross jumped from the cab of the engine to help the crew uncouple a car. The latch was stubborn, Ross a big guy grabbed a crow bar and with his weight pried on the latch-it released throwing him to the ground, landing on his neck and back across a rail. Everyone made a joke of it and went back to work. For the next 5 days Ross was getting worse, he reached the point were he was bed ridden and on the 1st day of May passed away.
The war in Europe was beginning to heat up, Rolland had moved to Vermont, Stanley was struggling with marriage and Carlton enlisted in Army Air Force. Shortly after this Lionel enlisted in the Air Corp. and went to Bradley field, Windsor Lock, Conn.
Katherine was alone, she went to live with her eldest son Rolland in Fair Haven Vermont.By now Stanley also enlisted in the Army Air Force, divorcing his wife enroute.
Now for a strange twist all three boys went into the air force, they all attended food service training and all made rating of Sargent. In the fall of 1942 all three boys on three different air bases were promoted during the same week to Master Sargent status as Mess Sargent's. Lional at Air Squadron, Bradley Field,Windsor Lock, Conn.Carlton Chanualt Field, Campaign, Ill. and Stanley Knob Nostar, Mo. Stanley was in charge of all the mess halls in 2nd Air Command. This required him to visit the other bases to inspect the mess halls, a few days before Xmas his plane crashed with 5 men aboard no one was killed but they were all badly hurt, Stanley was only one able to walk and was able to reach a highway and summons help.
Carlton made the Air Force his career spending years in Alaska, he is buried at Crestview in Florida. Lionel married Beatrice Lewise in 1945 and lived in Solano, California. Stanley tried marriage again with Mildred Smith in 1943, they had on daughter "Kayo" born 1944, Nine years later he is married to Jesse Rankin Finette
and they had two boys Ross Raymond and Gary Duan, Stanley was in the restaurant business with his wife, but died in Wyoming. his children live in Texas.
Rolland stayed in Vermont taking care of his mother until she entered Richards Nursing Home,Fair Haven, Vt. were she died 18 Oct 1948

Wonder as you uncover these bits of history "what if" Ross had remained in the cab
would this family have remained together living out there lives in northern New York, or are we meant to travel to new places starting the family over again-

If you notice a relative in this post please contact me with any information you have
the history of the Olyer family is about ready if you are interested in purchasing a copy let me know, it will have over 360 descendants of Philip Olyer, plus photos and the Ancestry of his wife Phyniath Smith for 10 generations

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Compile,Print,Bind your Family Genealogy

Well it has been a few days since I picked my way across the key board but I have good reason--
Over the years have built up a very large data base and after posting some items about the Olyer family, some members have asked if the information is available well it will be shortly, I am publishing a book Philip Olyer

In my pile of stuff I found a software program I must tell you about it is called Gen-Book most programs this old are ready for disposal but this one still works. If you want to publish your family records and all the extra money went with the stock market. Take a few minutes and read on.
This program is still available it cost about $59.00. Rex Clement the Author is a great guy any questions and he will explain things in detail. I called him several times, it did not seem like the program would work but it was my lack of confidence not the programs ability, but he was really patient with me your only other cost will be some paper and ink I am going to tell you how to do this with the only investment is your time and the $59.
First you have to make a ged com file of your ancestors, descendants or both. then you have to go on line and download a free copy of PAF 4 from the LDS Family Research center. it has to be Paf 4 I told you this gen-Book software is a little old, I do not think it will work on Vista, I used Windows XP 2000

You have the Paf 4 program take your ged com file which has to be made to use with Paf 4. load the ged com file into Paf 4. Now be sure and go through the data base and make any corrections, this is not going to work if you have bunch of errors, it will be a lot easier if your spelling is reasonably correct your can run spell checker afterward but that will be labor intensive.

By now you should have had faith enough in me to buy the old software, you are going to get a couple of disks and a book of about 115 pages explaining in great detail each move to make. When installed Gen-Book will open in windows as you complete each one, another opens you select if its a ancestry or decendant book, then tell program were your Gen-book program is located. then you decide if you want to use Wordperfect or Microsoft Word. both of these programs will work I personally like Wordperfect, the Olyer book is made in two parts you can combine as many lines as you wish. First 8 chapters are decendants 8 generations of one Philip Olyer, the second part is the Ancestors for 15 generations of his wife.
We are talking about 600 plus individuals plus notes. It took me about hour to read the directions and answer the questions, they are pretty simple how do you want Source notes printed what size , numbed , what size for regular notes, how you want children listed, terms you like to use,size of pages, type of index 1 2 or 3 column,the type of generations Sequential or Ahnentafel or many others-do not worry its not complicated the book explains each question and shows you the results
When you click generate in about a minute the book is all finished, then you import it into your word processor in my case WordPerfect and you can go through it correcting the spelling and adding anything, bring in photos or biographies, when done generate your list of contents and index and you are ready to do not have to go into your records and key any names for the index everything is done for you.
Simple send to the printer when you were answering the questions you told them if you wanted printing both sides or not and were to put the page numbers all these things are done for you. You can, if the market picks up, and you have a little extra cash take the disk to Staples or Kinkos and they will print it for about 16 cents per page and bind it for $5.00 or you can print it and staple it. Creative Jeans listed a library in Penn. if you send them your printed manuscript they will copy it and return a bound copy for you. This is a inexpensive way to publish your years of hard work without breaking the bank.