Friday, November 7, 2008

1939 Worlds Fair wow! 70 years ago

Time out from Genealogy to recall one of the highlights of times gone by. has been doing a great job with the Carnival and I have visited that site a lot when Jasia noted that October was Polish remembrance I knew that some place we had the Worlds Fair photos and some of them were from the Polish Pavilion. Like everything else in life time has taken it toll. there are only two Photos left, and I am a few days late.

The photo that everyone takes with the sphere and ball in back ground and in the foreground from left to right my aunt Ruth Rose, My Mom Mary Lord, my most favorite aunt Julia Adamskie Olyer and my grandmother Margaret Olyer. I do not know were they put me, was probably being a spoiled brat and they did not want a bawling kid in the picture.

The next photo is in front of the Polish Pavilion, picture is marked 1939 the couple is my Mother and father. I can recall some of the trips we went several times, my dad loved to drive and was always ready to take anyone with us so in order to get everyone to the fair he only had a car full at a time, that way he could make extra trips. We lived about 180 miles from the city.

It must have been difficult for the Polish government to staff and maintain this display, which I think was open a couple of years, If my memory is correct Poland had been overrun by Germany in 1938. The day this photo was taken, in addition to the Polish Pavilion we had to go see the "Rockets" My grandmother had a niece who was a preformer, We never did get to see her, guess we were not a V I P, of course my grandmother picked out one girl who she thought was Lenard Cummings daughter and watched her every move.
My Mom had a couple of photo books full of pictures and cards from the fair but I can not find them, the only other item I have is a miniature "pickle" from the Heinz display, guess everything else got thrown away that stuff wasn't worth saving then. My grandmother was the only immigrant in the family, coming from Canada in 1898 , then Julia married my uncle, Guess that is why we sort of adopted Poland as our place to visit.

Now its back to finishing the Olyer and Cumming genealogy book


Rosebud Collection said...

I have a little spoon that was my mom/dad from the '39 Worlds Fair..
Boy, my mom was pure Polish, wonder if she visited the Polish site..
I always told her I thought she was related to the Pope, he did look like her..course she wasn't, at least I don't think she was..ha, ha..

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