Monday, November 10, 2008

WW11 Army Nurse and WAC Sheppard Field Texas

Well late again but was reading "AnceStories", which triggered a memory of two very important young girls in my life. WW11, 1944 I was at Sheppard Air Base in Wichita, Texas. One night while crossing the parade ground I passed out, was taken to base hospital and in few days the commandant of the hospital sent my wife[of one month] a telegram "your husband critical recovery doubtful suggest you come if possible"
Well being new bride she called my parents and for first time in there life they flew in a air plane from Albany, N.Y. heading for Texas. That trip is another story, they eventually got to Texas but by train.
I was in a coma my doctor was Capt Pritchet, he and his nurses a pair of twins Helen and Hazel Albie had just arrived at Sheppard from the south Pacific and thought they new what was wrong and had a program to help me, at the same time my parents arrived, my dad had been in the Albany Medical Center just 4 years before with exactly the same problems. Capt Pritchet and my mom called Albany Medical Center and the Doctors agreed on a course of treatment. Now the real star performer was a young Nurse Hazel Albie, she remained with me for two days until my parents arrived and then was in charge of all my test and medications, it was almost another week before I was awake enough to know everyone. My father, wife and her uncle, went back to New York, but my mom stayed there at the Guest house . The technition or nurse aid was Dorthy Platte, she was in my room anytime Hazel had to leave. These two young girls went way beyond the call of duty to take care of me. Dorthy took my mom under her wing and made sure she was comfortable at the guest house. As I got better Dorothy and Hazel found a uniform that I could get dressed and get out of the hospital. My mom left in November.
I was given a leave and came home for Christmas. Never returned to Sheppard.
Shortly before I left, Capt Pritchet was transferred from Sheppard.

For several years my mother wrote to Dorothy and we know she was married.
If anyone knows either of these girls Hazel Albi or Dorothy Platte
I would love to see them again. Its been 64 years, a long time to remember someone you only knew a few months, may have the spelling wrong, but the names are etched in my memory. It is strange how selective our memory is, there was a Paul Wit that I became friends with he left before me, remember he had somthing to do with the frozen food buisness.


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