Thursday, January 15, 2009

snow couple of the 1940's

Not exactly a Family History, but a time when life was lived at slower pace.

This photo fell out of my mothers many books and it swiftly took me back in time, I was really just a kid but at the time would not have felt that way. it was the year after I was discharged from service probably 1947-48 I had been married in the service and we had an apartment in Nelliston on West main street, big yard. the time was right after Xmas, we had bought our self a T.V but that will be another post- I will tell you the screen was 5 inches in a metal box about 3 1/2 foot square and we could only watch it a couple of hours each day. So this morning we got up Saturday, it had snowed all night so there was about 10 to 12 inches of new soft snow. By 9 in the morning we were out there in the yard to make a snow man, In the middle of winter ,we worked had enough that I ended up with no coat or hat, well we never did things half way, no carrots and buttons, this was to be the ultimate snow man. by afternoon we were working at it harder than if was a job. No man is complete without a spouse so we made a girl also.

We worked until dark when my Mom came to get us for supper we had to go someplace I forget were now so we changed our cloths and when we came out she had the camera. My wife is on the left side but so dark you can not see her.

thought the dog was interesting addition.

As I recall I woke up Sunday with very bad cold and was laid up several days with pneumonia
but we had a great display, in those days not many people decorated there yard as they do now,
the snow couple only lasted a couple of weeks but it was worth all the effort.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

No one Could Be More Pround

During my 80 plus years I have had many things happen in my life to make me feel proud and to realize the rewards of hard work.
My mother was always there urging me on, one of her interest was history and family, the automobile was a new item so my parents loved to motor to the historical sites. The seed of history was planted in very fertile soil. I married while in the service to my high school girlfriend, a year later a neighbor showed me a pair of cap and ball pistols he wanted $50.00 for them. I was earning about $100 week and when I mentioned it to my wife June, she said" I have put aside a few dollars for a new suit for you, if you want the guns instead of the suit go get them"
Thus was launched a interest and collection that influenced our life forever.
We had two children Lansing a son and Lorraine Charee a daughter. The four of us without realizing it lived history, the gun collection grew to over 1,000 hand guns, we purchased several known book collections including N.Burton Alter, and Lou McWeathy.
I accepted a position as Curator and Gen Manager of Fort William Henry, Lake George, N. Y.
We even had Sir & Lady John Johnson Baronet, Descendant of Sir William Johnson as our house guest while he was visiting the Mohawk Valley for over a week. The children were still young for several years we had been going to Fort Klock to help restore the old stone house, and would dress in costumes every year to commemorate the last battle of the Revolutionary War in the valley and the children would be part of it. As a family we thought Fort Plain should be restored, we persuaded Allen Samuels a local attorney to join with us and form a corporation to purchase the sight of the fort. The children, June and myself dressed in Colonial costumes and took part in the parades with a banner supporting the restoration of Fort Plain, Lansing helped in the site location with the archaeological test holes and Indian burial sites we found.
Although the family operated the store at Canada Lake, and the Amusement Park at Pine Lake we had time to visit The historical sites in the north east and many of the Civil War sites.
I did not realize the influence all of this was having on my son Lansing, until he went to college and graduated with degree in Archeology, I guess playing in Fort William Henry, and being part of that life style influenced his life.

Now I knew that Lansing was interested in history, but a few days ago I received a note from his wife with newspaper article about his appointment as Historian for Town of Johnstown, Fulton Co., N. Y. No one could be more proud of this than me, as my life draws to its end he will be carrying on keeping history alive. Lansings genealogy is firmly rooted in Johnstown his earliest ancestor in Johnstown was Annson Lord [1786-1877], owned and operated the slaughter house on south Williams street, his son Martin Lord,[1817-1892] had the meat market on west Main street, his son Byington Lord,[1844-1931] was a printer lived across from Johnstown hotel. His son Edwin Lord, [1878-1937] lived in Fort Hunter and eventually Nelliston, N. Y. were Edwin Lord Jr. [1904-1983] , Robert Lord [1925] and Lansing Lord [1950] were born
While all these things were happening, Lansing was quietly being influenced in a path of history.
His occupation is in a different field but that is reaching the point of retirement, I hope he can continue on this path , he lives in one of the important areas of our early history, it is with great pride that I boast a little about him, hopefully he will have many years to enjoy the rediscoveries of our colonial past in Fulton county.