Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sorry about the time out Its Gen-Books fault

Thank all of you that have e-mailed me and left comments about my not posting.,
Last spring I found a Software package I had bought years ago to publish a book it is called GEN-BOOK, you all know how addictive genealogy can be, I showed the first signs of it in the per war period of 1939 to 40. Over the years it just got worse. With a data base of over 77,000 names it is very hard to reach any finished point. This Gen-Book program seems to help. At least you can select one family and develop a hard copy, that you can enjoy reading without resorting to the computer.

So far I have assembled four books Olyer, Lasher, Genereaux, and Lord one of them is a descendants from a Philip Olyer, which I brought down to present time. The other three are Ancestral in nature and I limited them to only 16 generations each.

That is why I have not been posting to the blog, now if I can stay away from this program will get back to the family history, There are still hundreds of stories that I want to share with you-and thank you for taking the time to read about my ancestors, hope some of them are your ancestors also.

If you have a desire to put your work in print and are restricted by the lack of unlimited funds, I recomend this publishing program, it is still available for use on Windows XP, you will need Wordperfect or Microsoft Word. You also have to have your genealogy data base in a ged com formate from Paf 4, or Family Tree maker and others. recomend you visit The man who wrote this program Rex Clement has been very helpful, he has gone out of his way to explain details , and walked me through problems.
Once you have your data in ged com formate you answer a few questions of how you want the book and this program takes your data and puts it in book formate just the way you want it, ready to be printed and bound.
bob lord

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