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Anna Martin/Matchonon Huron-Wendat native

A young girl of the Cord Clan. on Ile de Orleans, the 5th great grandmother of my grt grandfather Anothony Moses Genereaux alias Jim Cummings met and married Abraham Martin dit L'Ecossais, her family would have been living on the Ile de Orleans as members of the Huron-Wendat village which was set up with the help of the Jesuits for converted natives.
she had 3 known children recorded by the Jesuits: Matchonon ("a Savage" according to the Jesuits) b. 1609 (Kebek) baptised 3 Nov 1634 as Joseph Martin; Anne Martin/Matchonon. born 1614 (Kebek) d. 14 Dec 1683 (Kebek) m. Jean Cote'' dit Coste' 1635; Eustache Martin b. 1621 Kebek, only Eustache has a baptized recorded in Notre Dam.
Her mother died when she was just a baby and her widowed father would marry Marguerite Langlois a Metis [having one parent European and the other native Candaian].
Growing up at the small trading post, young Anne would have been exposed to many cultures; though her life was confined to the small frontier. After much upheaval, including a brief stint when Kebec was in the hands of the British, Anne's family made 'New France' their home, and in 1636; she was married to new arrival, Jean Cote, at the home of Robert Giffard, by Jesuit Priest Charles Lalemant.
Jean was one of Giffard's recruits and may have actually been a distant relative, since Anne's grandmother was Isabelle Cote, also from Perche, France. Jean arrived in Quebec on July 20th, 1635 and that fall married Anne. There is not much information about his earlier life Again probably not all that surprising if he was of African-Mi'kmaq (Red-Black) ancestry and most of the evidence points to this, there would have been little or no interest by Europeans in recording it. Anne Martin/Matchonon, however, a half-breed with some European ancestry, was the daughter of Abraham Martin dit l'Ecossais, so this might be why their descendants were recorded. Also they were part of the colony established on the Ile d'Orleans by the Jesuits for their Huron converts. She would have been considered Huron-Wendat by her own people, not half-breed, since the Wyandott are maternal lineal.
In 1636, Governor Montmagny awarded the couple, an arpent of frontage on la Grande-Allee near Quebec; and Giffard gave him land in Beauport . Because of the Iroquois raids, Jean and Anne hesitated settling their concession in Beauport, so Noel Langlois,
brother of Anne's stepmother, rented them a small parcel of land near his house, so they could live close together for mutual defense. Jean built a cabin there and began farming immediately. Eventually they also purchased a house in Upper Town, Quebec. Jean died there on March 28, 1661 and Anne on December 4, 1684. The couple had nine children:
Descendants of Anne Martin/Matchonon[Savage] and Jean/Jehan Cote' dit Coste' were recorded. One of the children (a son b. 1642) was named Mathieu. there was a Mathieu Cote in New France very earl and may prove to be father or uncle to Jean. There also Jean had a child named Jean Cote' dit Lefrise' (a son b. 25 Feb 1644). Le frise' in French means "frizzy-haired person", perhaps this name was given to the child because he was the only one who had "frizzy" (i.e. African) hair, while the other children of Anne and Jean had straight hair like their Indigenous ancestors.
Having one European grandparent (Abraham Martin dit L'Ecossais) of four, (two Indigenous, one African) might have ensured the family was recorded, but their children are never mentioned as being the first Europeans born in New France. Some claim the first European child, Barbe Meusnier, was born in Ville-Marie (Montreal) in 1648.
If this be true then Anne Martin/Matchonon was of the Cord Clan. "In 1656 people of the Bear Clan (Attignaouantan) joined the Mohawk, people of the Rock Clan (Arendahronon) joined the Onondaga, the people of the Cord Clan (Attigneenongnahac) were the only ones who remained at the Ile d'Orleans Huron-Wendat settlement.
Keep in mind there were very few European women in New France before the "Fillis a Marine" arrived 1634 to 1662 very doubtful that a family of three Langlois girls would have been here without a notation in the records-It is my belief all of them were of the Huron-Wendal tribe in Ile de Orleans
As for Anne Martin, she survived him by more than twenty years. The census of 1681 does not mention her but it is likely that she was living with one of her sons. Anne too, was buried at Québec, on December 14, 1683 at about the age of 70 years old.

In some of my earlier post I noted that all of Moses Genereau's ancestors were from France but I have to correct that now some of the females had what appeared to be French names but this was due to there being recorded as daughters of there French fathers, however there mothers were Huron-Wendal women, who were more readily available in the first few years of French colonization. The European women did not come to the colonies much before the Filles a Marier in 1634 to 1662


Rosebud Collection said...

Very interesting..What wonderful research you have done for your family.

DonellaJKS said...

thanks for this post! this is (at least) the second post that you have left that is also about MY direct ancestors! we seem to be long lost cousins ;D several times over! :D

this was fascinating... I have been looking for that Native American connection, amongst my French Canadians, that I figured MUST be there somewhere! LOL! I guess I got a bit more "ethnicity" than I was fishing for! ya just never know what you will find, do ya!?!


jujutsuka said...

"Marguerite Langlois a Metis [having one parent European and the other native Candaian]"

I'd be really interested in seeing any evidence/references in support of Marguerite Langlois' having been Metis. There's a great deal of information on the web for each of the Metis and non-Metis sides of the argument. (I believe Tanguay indicates she's NOT native.)

Any details you can provide would be most appreciated!

jcwatson11 said...

Marguerite Langlois was not metis, although she might have been raised on a settlement. I do know that she was from Worcester, Massachusetts, and was taken captive during an indian raid and brought to Canada as a child. Her father, though born in the islands, was of English descent Digory Sargent was her father's name. You will sometimes see her name recorded as the widow, "Margurite Langlois de Serien," as the name 'Sargent' was not properly transcribed in the written records.

jcwatson11 said...
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jcwatson11 said...
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Anne said...

The children who were captured in the Deerfield raid of 1704 were called Langlais dit Serien in Canada, not Langlois. I may be wrong, but I believe that the Marguerite you refer to married someone with the last name of James in the 1730's.

Marian said...

I'll be able to determine whether Marguerite Langlois, wife of Abraham was Metis or not soon. She is my direct maternal ascendant, and I just ordered a mtDNA test from Family Tree DNA. I'll post the results at the French Heritage DNA project.

DonellaJKS said...

that would be wonderful, Marian! if possible, could you post the results here too!?! or at least post a link to the project you mentioned!?! thanks,

Janice said...

I too would be interested as she is a relative of mine. The first Anne is also a relative and there are doubts as to who her father was. I'm also interested in the first Anne's husband Jean Cote' and who he was. It's rumored he is of African/Indian decent. Both the first Anne and Jean Cote' are also in my tree.

To the other poster about the Worcester incident. These two are two different women. Coincidentally Digory Sargent is also in my tree.

PL said...


I'm Canadian French, from province of Quebec and I'm searching many infos about Abraham Martin and also his wife Marguerite Langlois as they are my ascendants. There is a lot of infos about Abraham Martin because the name of "Les pleines d'Abraham" were the English-French war took place in quebec City and sealed the destin of Quebec were supposed to be named after him.

I see that you talked about Marguerite Langlois being from Worcester,MA. Upon my searches it's the first time I hear about an american origin of Marguerite. All french writing never talk about that and their is many.

Parents of Marguerite Langlois are known to be Guillaume Langlois and Jeanne Millet, both from France. Abraham Martin married Marguerite Langlois at Dieppe, Normandie, France, around 1616. But their is still no paper or evidences about it.

He came in Quebec already married with Marguerite, so it's metis origin is very doubtful even if I found many talks about it, it's maybe a confusion because Abraham Martin other wife was indian from the Huron-Wendate nation, but it's not in all writing that this other wife is known.

I would like to know if Marian did his DNA test and what's the conclusion about any metis origin for Marguerite Langlois.

PL said...

Some references. Travel trough the year and many referecne as Marguerite is a metis. Many confusion:

"(I)-Abraham Martin dit L'Ecossais (1580-1664) arrived Kabec this year. Others suggest it was 1619. (see 1609 & 1610) They say he arrived with wife Marguerite Langlois b-1611 (b-1592) and their child (II)-Anne Martin b-1614 as they were married 1612 but Marguerite claims they were married 1620, Kebec. Tanguay doesn't list birth place of either party but list second child (II)-Eusiache Martin born 1621, Kebec. Others claim Eusiache was born in France. Some claim Abraham was born 1589, Edinburgh, Scotland son of Jean Martin and Isabelle Cote others claim he was born France. The alleged prize is the Plains of Abraham were named after Abraham. Some claim Marguerite was born 1592 Xiste, Mepelier, France and married 1612 Aunis, France. Others suggest married 1620 France. It is alleged that Champlain in his will dated November 1635, gave Abrahams daughter Marguerite 600 livres in his will, discovered August 1959 by Olga Jurgens , "to help him get married to a man of this country of New France and not otherwise". This is rather strange as no mention is made of his other daughters. The will could be a forgery, or Marguerite is not the daughter of Abraham, maybe of Champlain himself. It should be noted that Abraham on February 15, 1649 was imprisoned for debauching a girl age 16. Some called him this old pig Abraham. It would appear highly likely that Abraham or his wife Marguerite has savage blood. See 1609 &1624 Marguerite Langlois was born 1611 and not married at that time, she is likely a savage. Also see 1610 to add to the confusion. "

"September 8: Quebec, death (I)-Abraham Martin dit l'Ecossais (1589-1664) (owner of the heights of Quebec, known as the Plains of Abraham)
1st married Marguerite Catherine Langlois b-1592, epouse 1665 Quebec Rene Brauche
2nd marriage, some believe he had a second wife a Huron girl, he is believed to have arrived before 1610 which would make Anne born Kebec?
(II)-Anne Martin b-1614 Kebec?, d-1683 Quebec, married 1635 Kebec (I)-Jean Cote d-1661
(II)-Eustache Martin 1621 Kebec
(II)-Marguerite Martin 1624 Kebec d-1679 Chateau Richer, married 1638 Kebec (I)-Etienne Racine (607-1689)
(II)-Helene Martin b-1627 Kebec 1st married 1640 (I)-Claude Etienne b-1610, 2nd married 1647 Kebec (I)-Medard Chouart b-1621
(II)-Marie Martin b-1635 Kebec, d-1699 Chateau Richer, married 1648 (I)-Jean Cloutier d-1690
(II)-Adrien Martin b-1638 Kebec,
(II)-Madeleine Martin b-1640 Kebec, 1st married 1653 Quebec (I)-Nicolas Froget, (1620-1680) 2nd marriage 1681 Repentigny, (I)-Jean Baptiste Fronteneau
(II)-Barbe Martin (1643-1660) Kebec, married 1655 Quebec (I)-Pierre Biron b-1627
(II)-Charles Amador Martin b-1648 Kebec, d-1711 second priest of Canadian
(II)-Anne Martin b-1645 Kebec, married 1658 Quebec (I)-Jacques Rate (1630-1699). "


February 1: Repentigny, marriage (I)-Jean Baptiste Fonteneau dit St. Jean, b-1650 married (II)-Madeleine Martin, Metis, b-1640, epouse February 6, 1653, Quebec (I)-Nicolas Froget dit Despatis, b-1620; daughter (I)-Abraham Martin dit L'Ecossais (1589-1664) and Marguerite Langlois, Metis.


Suly said...

What about the result? Does anyone have found new information about that Marguerite Langois. I also have her many times in my tree.

leola becker said...

i have read somewhere that champlain had been given 3 indian girls to look after , could anne be one of them. i could be mistaken, just another possiblity.

leola becker said...

i read somewhere that champlain was given 3 indian girls to care for could anne be one of them, just another possiblity, or stab in the dark

Marian said...

Abraham Martin's wife was not Métis. She is my earliest maternal mtdna and she has been proved to be European (H) on her maternal line.

l'bo ken said...

jcwatson11: you says that magrueritte langlois would be a serien from sargeant you are wrong cause the years doesnt fit at all im both decent from abraham Martin and MAgueritte langlois and and she was born over 100 years after Daniel-Louis-Philippe sargent the first to changed his name to langlais( not langlois).

(daniel Sergent) was renamed daniel louis Sargent ( also i read is real last name was serjent. wish would agree with the serjent changed intot serien. but MArgueritte is not decendent of that same blood line. since as far as i read in several site they married ( abraham and Margueritte in France). wish would mean to be the same blood line her parents would had been taken back to France . but you pretend that seh was the daugther of Digory sargent wish is false since digory lived died over 100 years before abraham. so un possible. the date just doesnt match.

l'bo ken said...

oh and by the way Daniel-Louis-Philippe Sargent did maried a Marguerite but her last name was Lavoie not langlois either.

jcwatson11 said...

Digory came from England to Boston and was a carpenter there. He was a
soldier in King Philip's War and then settled in Worcester MA. The
settlers there were warned of Indian attacks and were encouraged to leave
their homes. Digory, who had lived there for a ten years, flatly refused.
They were fine for a time, but the day came in the winter of 1703/04 when
the Indians attacked. During the attack, Digory was killed and his wife
and children were "carried" off by the Indians to Canada. Not too far away
from their home, the Indians killed Digory's wife who was weak and probably
unable to continue for the long journey. It was reported that a baby was
killed to.
The children were taken to Canada and held there. Martha,
John, and Thomas were eventually ransomed from the Indians and were
returned to Massachusetts. Martha married and had a family that lived in
southern Vermont and New Hampshire. John married and lived in southern
Vermont and it is through him that most of the "Sargent's" of today are
descended. There is no record of a marriage or children for Thomas.
Daniel and Mary stayed in Canada with the Indians and the French. No one
has known what happened to Mary, although she is recorded as being with the
Indians. Recently we have found some evidence indicating who she may have
been; this is currently being investigated. The story of Daniel has for a
long time been a silent one as well. In recent years, however, it has been
discovered that was Louis-Philippe Serien dit Langlais of Riviere Ouelle,
Kamouraska Co., PQ and his "Langlais" descendants in number probably far
surpass that of his brother, John.

Children of Digory and Constance (James) Sargent:
1.Martha SARGENT {21}, was born about 1694 in Worcester MA. She died 1722
in Worcester, MA. She married Capt. Daniel SHATTUCK {26} 6 Apr 1719 in
Westborough, Middlesex, MA (VR).

Children of Digory and Mary (---) Sargent:
2.Lt. John SARGENT {16}, was born 1696/1697 in Worcester MA. He died 29
Mar 1748, about age 54 years, at Fort Dummer, Windham Co., VT. He married
Abigail JONES {17} 4 Jul 1727 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA.
3.Daniel SARGENT {22}, born Aug 1699, died before 3 Aug 1728. As stated,
Daniel was carried about by the Indians and was probably about 4 years old
at the time. He lived for a while with the Abenaki [Abenaquis] Indians.
They "gave" him to the governor, Philippe de RIGAULT VAUDREUIL (or was
perhaps "redeemed" by the him). Daniel was baptised on 6 Nov 1707, at the
age of 8 and given the name Louis-Philippe Sargeant. This became corrupted
to Serien, which is how it would have been pronounced. He had been given
by this time, by the governor, to Robert POITIER to raise and he grew up in
Poitier's household. He married Marguerite DeLAVOYE {5292} on 22 Jan 1718
in Riviere Ouelle, PQ, as Louis-Philippe Serien, Anglais de nation;
marriage contract registered by JANNEAU on 14 Jun 1718, as Louis-Philippe
Langlais, natif des cautes de Boston. Marguerite was the daughter of Jean
DeLAVOYE {5630} and Madeleine BOUCHER { }. She died 4 Feb 1773 and was
buried the next day, as "the Serien widow."
4.Mary SARGENT {24}, born 1700 in Worcester MA, died after 3 Aug 1728.
5.Thomas SARGENT {23}, born 1701/1702 Worcester MA, died after 3 Aug 1728;
no record of him after that date.
6._____ SARGENT {25}, born 1703/1704 Worcester MA, died in infancy
1703/1704 in Worcester MA. Taken captive by Indians 1704 and killed by them.

Carl Girard said...

daniel Sargent whos name was changed after being released from the abinakis was change to Louis philime sergent (later become dit langlais.) was born in august 1699 in Worcester, Massachussets USA

Margueritte Langlois was bout around 1592 , and married abraham between 1615 and 1621 their first son born in quebec Eustache Martin it was the first proven to be baptized in new france. so as you can see the date dont match , so she cant ben daugther of digory sargen and haveing a brother born in 1699 nearly 100 years that doesnt match out, we know for a fact that abraham moved in canada with his wife in 1921 , and we have prove that daniel sargent son of Digory was batised in quebec and naturalized in 1707 ( here a link from the batizing paper,
(if you knew frenc and you read the paper it is well said born august, of the year thousan, six hundred ninghy nine . (so the paper says he was born in august 1699) ( so 178 year after abraham moved in new fance, so how can he be married to his sister???. its doesnt work. like i said they are both my ancestor. also as Marguerite langlois could be a metis from france tho ( metis mean 1. A person of mixed racial ancestry , so if she had french and english grand paretent s that would make her a metis but not an idian metis from north america).
also she was sister of Francoise Langlois maried with Pierre Desportes.

but another note Daniel louis philippe sargent dit langlais, married a margueritte lavoie, born in riviere ouielle in 1693 saugther of jean francois lavoie, and Marie-Madeleine Boucher, there is rumor that Jean-francois wasnt her real father, cause some of the source list her as father un known )

Carl Girard said...

by the way Carl Girard is my real name l'bo ken is my nickname.

Genealogy24 said...

This says it all: Marguerite Langloise was not metis.

" Blogger Marian said...

Abraham Martin's wife was not Métis. She is my earliest maternal mtdna and she has been proved to be European (H) on her maternal line.

April 30, 2014 at 5:26 PM"

Lynda Langlois said...

Hi I am a Langlois and my grandpere came from Cap st. Ignace 1873..and his father Charles Entienne Langlois Magmaghony. etc. I have seen documents that say there were 3 Langlois that came over with Champlain.. Noel, Marguerite and Marie.. on boat..

Red Stars said...

Hi I have been researching this for quite some time. My husbands family is related to the Martin in particular Anne Martin who their seems to be much controversy over. In my research I have read Anne Martin was born to Abraham Martin and his first wife, Guillemette Couillard, who was French, Metis or of Huron-Wendat ancestry from The Cord Tribe (Attigneenongnahac). The Attigneenongnahac lived between Sturgeon and Coldwater River, in the Mount Saint Louis Ridge in Ontario, Canada.
Marguerite Langlois was Abraham's second wife.