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Francois Pelletier dit Antaya my 8th great grandfather

My 8th great grandfather in James Cummings Ancestral line was
Francois Pelletier-dit-Antaya-Sieur d'Antaya-Sieur d'Orvilliers was born 1 Jan 1635 st St Pierre, Gallardon, Chartres, Beauce, France. his father was Nicolas Pelletier and mother Jeanne de Vouzy [devoissy-Roussy]
Francois arrived in New France probably on one of the three ships that arrived in Quebec 11 Jun 1636 as his father is mentioned at baptism of his sister in the spring of 1637, so Francois was only couple years old. Nicolas Peltier the father a master carpenter was granted a fifty acre concession of land in the Seigneury of Sillery, were the Peltier family settled. In a few years Francois had brothers and sisters for a total of eight children. [ The plaque to the right was placed on the sight of the original land owned by Nicholas]

Francois and his brother Nicolas were in pursuit of a life of adventure , beginning life as fur traders with Noel Jeremie de La Montagne, who married Francois sister Jeanne in 1659. on a voyage to the vast "Domain du Roy", a trade area encompassing the great Saguenay-Lac St-Jean area. Francois goes along and apparently meets a young Indian maiden we are not sure why he went or how long he stayed.
Some time before the autumn of 1659, François has returned to Québec; the Jesuites say that on November 21, François accompanies the Jesuit Albanel to Tadoussac, stating that he is not at their expense, but is under their name. his returns from Tadoussac April 24, however, Francois' reasons for returning to Tadoussac become a little clearer, Albanel has married François to a Dorothee Antaya Christian Amerindienne,16 Apr. 1660, without publication of banns, or permission from his parents, the bishop, or the governor, noting that this has caused quite a controversy.
Albanel was undoubtedly sympathetic to François and Dorothée's situation, or else he certainly would not have taken upon himself to marry them without their having gone through the proper channels and necessary steps.
Their happiness did not endue long as she died in Quebec Hospital 13 Apr.1661 . On the 26 Sep 1661 Francois married Margereta Madeleine Morriseau in Sillery, Quebec. born 1640 at St Pierre de Roy, Somme, Picardie, France, the daughter of Julien Moraisseau and Anne Barclancour. Margurete was a Filles a Marier, contracted for marriage by Francois Pelletier, brother of Jeannie & Marie Pelletier. Francois was so in love with his first wife Dorothee Antaya that upon her death he added the dit name Antaya. He and his children were the only ones using this dit name and eventually future generations dropped the Pelletier surname and used only Antaya.
June of 1666 Captain Pierre de Saurel with a group of 300 French and Huron Indians went to attack and recover a few French soldiers that had been taken prisoners by the Mohawks of the Iroquois nations. They were discovered in route and the Mohawks offered up the prisoners without bloodshed. These men related that some of their group had been tortured one of the Indians wanted a finger bone for a necklace, he took a prisoner and with help from the others, they amputated a finger at the knuckle, with flint knife and when the tenon could not be cut they pulled the partly severed finger off. The hand and arm became so swollen during the following weeks he could not preform any chores so his captive killed and scalped him.

Francoise purchased on 22 Oct 1675 the Seigneurie of Dorvilliers, sieur de Comporte, located with frontage abt 1.5 miles along the St Lawrence River opposite Sorel between Berthier and Autray estates, extending inland abt 3 miles. Francois renames his land "Antaya" , while he no longer uses the title "Dorvilliers" or "Comporte" having been well known it sometimes is called by this name. It was a couple of years before the Pelletioers established their self at Anataya, after Francois sold his 80 Arpent properly in Sorel to Pierre Coutois 17 Sep 1777. With this estate the couple can now use the title "Sieur" and "Seigneuresse"
The name Pelletier dit Antaya, is strictly of French Canadian origin, it was never used in France and in Canada only by children of Francois.
Francois died May 1690 at Dautray, Quebec, he and Marguerite bequeathed one half of their estate to son Lean-Baptisti dit Pierre Pelletier dit Antaya [1675-1757], while dividing the remaining among their other surviving children, Michael, Marguerite, Marie-Angelique, Genevieve, Catherine.


Rosebud Collection said...

I felt weak in the knees about the finger being cut off..Dear God, times were rough.
Good read and it is so amazing how far back you have gone. Your family has to feel mighty lucky for all your hard work.

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Hi Pop!

Jerome Dubiak jr. said...

WOW, what an amazing story, this is info on my family generations farther back that I dare say not to many of the current generations have any clue on thank you for all your hard work putting this wonderful site together.

jbonsu said...

So interesting to read. My great grandmother's surname was Antaya. I live in massachusetts, and my father has done lots of research on our family history.... and even made several trips to Canada to get information. It was nice to see all this information put together in a story!

Johanna Antaya said...

Hey Jerome Dubiak! Thank you for sharing this site! WOW! Awesome
I am the daughter of Ronald Leroy Antaya.
Jerome is my sister Ronda Jane (Antaya) Dubiak's son & my amazing nephew.

Christine Wollmuth said...

Hi! Francois is my 9th great grandfather (mom's mom's mom's dad's side ;)). The history of this family (our family!) is incredible. Francois's grandson (Pierre Antaya Dit Pellitier) married a Meskwaki woman named Catharine "Renaud" (French for Fox - as the Meskwaki are commonly referred to). This is the part of the family tree my mother is from. I love finding other descendants of Francois - he and his children (and grandchildren) lived very interesting lives! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog!

Sarah Beth Stadler said...

Dear Ms Wollmuth,
I greatly hope I can somehow get a hold of you. I'm also a direct descendant of Pierre and Catharine! I don't know much about the history of these love birds, and I'd love to hear anything and all you know about them!!
Thanks so much,
Mrs Sarah Beth Stadler

François Baril said...

Hello. My name is François Baril Pelletier, even though I was born from a Baril, so legal name just Baril, artist name with Pelletier, as I have strong connections linking me to the Pelletier side of the family. I am a direct descendant of François Pelletier dit Antaya also and obviously Nicolas, his father. I would also like to know more about Antaya, mostly, how do you know that Dorothée's name was Antaya, and plus, where was she from and what does it mean? I live in Hull, Québec, where my great-grandfather lived with his family, after having studied in France, Paris, in medicine, having been adopted by the Prime minister of Québec John Jones Ross (francophone and Scottish) and been in the Ecole littéraire de Montréal with the famous Québec poet Nelligan. My grandfather, Jacques-Yvon, his son, was official translator at the Ottawa Parliament for many years. If you have (any) more information on other descendants, like Pierre Pelletier dit Antaya (du vrai nom de Jean-Baptiste), or anything else -but Mostly the origin of Antaya and Dorothée, or any other information on this person, I would be curious to know as we know nothing of her. Thank you very much. Bonne journée cousin. François Baril Pelletier, poète, auteur et artiste multidisciplinaire