Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mary Elizabeth Lord Ready to ride on life's journey

Just a break in genealogy for a lighter moment
My mom astride this beautiful mount could not have envisioned the events that would shape her life during the coming years.

This photo was taken at High Street in Little Falls New York probably about 1910.

Life started out in Spring Cove, New York later part of April 1904 her mother Margaret Cummings Olyer took the train to tupper lake, and buggy to her mothers home at Sporing Cove. a few days later evening of 4 May 1904 , Jim Cummings father of Margaret raced to Tupper Lake to find the doctor, not good the Doctor was in the booze bottle and came back to the house with Jim but was unable to be of much help.
Mary was born despite the odds. After a few days she returned with her mother to High Street in Little Falls, N. Y. off to a good start. She had two older sisters and soon had 3 brothers and another sister.

At age of about 2 she looked like a doll, her father Berlin A. Olyer was a armature photographer so we are lucky to have a few photos for her.

Being in the middle of the family she had good roe models and learned life in happy environment. Her father worked for the New York Central railroad , while not wealthy, they enough income to live comfortably. Unfortunately her older sisters were married quite young so as she approached her 16th birth day not wanting to be an old maid, marriage seemed important so she ran away from home and married a school mate, this only lasted a few months when her parents found out it was annulled, after a 3 day court trial. while this was going on her parents moved from Little Falls to Nelliston, N.Y. As time does she moved on to age 19 when she met Edwin B. Lord . 6th Oct 1923 they slipped of to Albany, N. Y. and were married at the first Baptist church. From there to Delaware, where Edwin was employed as a Machinist in Circular Knitting mill, 1925 Mary and Edwin returned to Nelliston, N.Y. were a Son Robert Lord was born. The family lived in Nellistron N. Y. until 1960's during these years they ran the Elms Hotel in Nelliston, both worked outside the home Edwin in the Knitting trade and Mary worked in the undergarment factory in Fort Plain, The family was very close, Robert being the only child, lived with them in a duplex home which his father had owned. We got through the depression years and by combining our income, and efforts were able to own and operate the store at Canada Lake, were Mary was the postmaster, and in the 60's the family purchased Pine Lake Park.

Mary's life was taken 16 Jul 1965 due to cancer, I am sure there were bad times but I never knew about them, to my knowledge her marriage to my dad was a good one I never heard them raise ther voices, or use bad language, my dad drank a bit more than he should but this only made him more the life of the party, families seemed much closer, our pleasures seemed to be family outings, picnics, swim trips to Carogs Creek, Camping in tents, short motor trips.
Our family while very close, none of them including cousins and aunts and uncles were also close lipped I thought I new my mom but it was not until last year, while searching court records did I find out about the short marriage she had a 16 do not know if my dad new about it I had questioned him many times about being married in Albany but you know he never did give me a answer--maybe that was the answer, he thought I would never know.

Someone put me on this mighty steed probably in very early 1930's I could not reach the stirups and that is probably why its been such a up and down ride ever since, was hanging on pretty tight then and I still am--guess it a goods thing we do not have a outline about this tour, I like the hat my mom has on not much help in the sun or rain


Rosebud Collection said...

I have a picture of my mom on a horse, when young..She always loved it. I think family was so important and we are losing something today. We always went to my grandmothers home on Sunday..
Very interesting story about your mom..I do think people kept things very quiet about their lives then.

wendy said...

Very poignant story. Thanks for sharing.

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

The picture of her when she was two is adorable! Nice to read this pop.