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Some of my ancestors and many of my grt Grandfathers descendants

My Father Edwin B Lord the handsome guy on far right and my mom Mary Olyer with her parents Berlin and Margaret Olyer, shown in this group picture at the Olyer Reunion held at Brookwood Park in Herkimer, New York. these are all descendant of John Olyer [1853-1911] and his wife Charlotte Scutt [1852-1923] former residents of High Street, Little Falls, N.Y. shown in the photo are Johns three sons Berlin Olyer and wife Margaret Cummings Olyer, Adelbert Olyer and Riley Olyer.
also the four daughters Florence Olyer Hoffman, Nora Olyer Burney, Mary Olyer Trombley Taylor, and Beatrice Burney.
Also in the photo is Wilbur Olyer and his wife Clara, from Athol, Mass some of you might remember her ladies Hats store on main street Athol, Mass
she is the lady with the large hat and hand bag standing in the front right and Wilbur is the man kneeling in right front row. he was the oldest person there and while not a son of John Olyer was the son of Johns brother Philip.
The family had just started holding reunions this first one had over 60 people in attendance. Another outing was held same place the following year, the attendance was still good over 45 people, the photo at the left is just John and Charlott Olyer's children, guess the group photo was to hard to get everyone to pose for. By the following year,
with the war breaking out some of the younger men answered the call, and the reunions were still held for two more years but with only a very few as some of the original members had passed away or were to old to attend. As I recall the family sort of drifted apart and in few years later by late 40's and early 50's there was no interest.
I was pretty young in 1940 but old enough to remember my grandfather Berlin and his siblings and am sure these outing helped keep the spark and kindle that desire to know more about this family. I have spent the 65 years since the reunion gathering information and some of my early blogs are about the Olyer's and lately the blogs have been about my grandmother Margaret Cummings. Her family history is at the publishers right now and will be available through Amazon Books and directly from me in about a week. The manuscript for the Olyer family is complete and being proof read and this will be available in plenty of time for Xmas. Almost everyone shown in the reunion photo is identified in the book. I was at the reunion but under pressure from my parents and a bribe that I could bring my high school flame, must have been at the punch bowl when the photo was taken. I think Donald Rose, standing on back right side next to my dad is the only person in photo that is still alive--well it was 69 years ago--if we held a reuinion today I am afraid I would not know anyone, it sure would be great to try--

Nothing to do with the reunion but I have to vent someplace
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Rosebud Collection said...

What a great time you all had..I think it is sad when these type things stop. Everyone is in such a hurry to go nowhere.
Congratulations on your books..You are doing great..I wish you the best.
Did read about Abby and so sorry.