Tuesday, September 29, 2009

dedicated love stories of Olyers

In every family there are some deep complex people who's emotions do not flow with what we think of as normal following are two that I ran across in researching the Olyer family

Uncle Adelbert Robert Olyer, born 18 Sep 1881, at Spring Cove, near Tupper Lake, New York
Delbert worked in the woods as a young man, but around 1905 his parents moved to Little Falls, New York and Delbert came with them taking a job as a Electrical worker with the Railroad. He met Nora Huntington and after a short engagement they planned on getting married setting the date 16 Jan 1911. the wedding would be at his parents home on High Street in Little Falls. As the time approached Delbert's father John Olyer became ill and died Jan 15, 1911 and his body was placed in the Parlor for viewing. On the 16th with his father at rest in the parlor they decided to go ahead with the wedding ceremony being united in marriage in the next room. I do not know if this put a curse on the marriage but the couple were divorced 5 years later and Delbert went on to marry 3 more ladies, Florence Hout on 14 Aug 1917 at Palatine Bridge, N. Y. by 1930 Delbert was trying again with Lula Blair , this was also a doomed affair and late in the 30's Delbert married Gertrude Boyle, who outlived him. With four marriages he was never blessed with children. Just seems a Funeral and wedding in same home same time leaves one a bit uncomfortable.

This leads us to a cousin Mabel Olyer born 1888 at Dannemoria, Clinton Co., N.Y. at age 18 she was married to a Mr Batt and had daughter in 1906 then in 1910 Mabel was living with a sister Emma in Rochester, New York, by 1911 she was back with Mr Batt and had son that year followed by another son in 1917--then I lost track of her until spring of 1922 when she married Paul Revere Ritter in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. Paul was very much in love with her and with her every moment of the day. She became very sick and died the day before valentines day 13 Feb 1928. the funeral was Feb 16 th now I have two different newspaper accounts one states that Paul was so distraught over her death, he shot himself and fell across the casket in the funeral home. The other account claims he shot himself at the grave site. Either way he could not go on without Mable and ended his life during the funeral service, he was buried on the 18th beside Mabel in the Brooklyn Heights Cemetery, Cleavland, Ohio.

We find many tragic emotional events as we look into the lives of our ancestors, wonder how they would react to some of our strange habits and decisions. suppose a hundred years from now someone will look at my record and wonder how wrong I could have been on some judgments I made.

Now its back to work on family genealogy, past two weeks have been proof reading the Philip Olyer book finally its at the printers and will be available shortly. If you have a Olyer in your ancestry you will no doubt find them in this publication.

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