Sunday, November 29, 2009

Charlotte Scutt 27 generations of Scotts

My Gr Grandmother Charlotte Ellinor Scutt, born 16 Feb 1852 near Plattsburgh, New York Charlotte, as a child was born in Saranac Lake area, she lived there with her parents George Scutt and Elizabeth Rhodes. In 1876 she met and married John Vernon Olyer, He worked in the woods, at Spring Cove, N. Y. she kept house and had 10 children, only 8 survived. in 1901 the family moved to 16 High Street, Little Falls, N. Y. Over the past 50 or more years I have worked on her family, its been one of the most rewarding lines I have ever spent time on her scutt (scott) line is unbroken for 27 generations to Uchtred Filius Scott, 1100 Fife, Scotland.
Her grandfather George Scutt lived at Isle La Mott,Vt. married at age of 16 to Mehitable Reynolds age 44, George died age 26 mysteriously (family tradition he was poisoned) his grand father Henry Scutt family came to Vermont from Rhinebeck, N. Y. were the Scutts had lived for several generations . The original immigrant Jan Willems Scutt arrived with his son Willem, in New Amsterdam aboard the "Eagle" 19 May 1663. Jan was born in 1621 at Isle of Wieringen, Noord, Netherlands. His father was William Scott 13th Baron of Balwearie, he was a officer with the Scottish army in Holland and was killed 19 Sep 1622 at the Siege of Bergen, leaving his wife with the one year old son. William the 13th Baron was the son of James Scott 12th Baron Balwearie, one of the wealthiest and best royalty connected man in Scotland at the time. He made some serious mistakes sided with the wrong factions against the crown which cost him much of his holdings, his arrogance was known by all tis said he was standing at the tower gate and his help was throwing spoiled oats into the moat, a beggar ask him if he could fill his bag with some oats and he laughed and said no-the beggar remarked "you will beg for food before you die" a curs or not
in order to bury him the towns people took up a collection he was penniless.
Prior to James the Scotts of Balwearie held important [positions with King James and the monarchs before him. they married into the Lindsay family, becoming allied with the Stewarts ,
Thweng, de Roos . Robert "The Bruse" and the list goes on some 10 Barons that were associated with the Magna Charta were Charlotte's ancestors - Robert de Ros, Gilbert De Clare, William Longespee. Robert Fits Walter, Henry 1V Bohun, William de Warren, Syr de Quincey
The very well know Michael Scott the magician was in her line.
On the maternal lines her mother was Elenor Twigg wife of Isaac Rhodes from Scurff Hall, Yorkshire, this line goes back many generations. Her grandmother and others on this side of the family descend from 10 ancestors that arrived on the Mayflower, and 3 ancestors who were native American Indians.
Charlotte has 6 brothers and sisters, shown below are her living children in 1940

As we research our relatives it is most rewarding-one never knows what the next clue might lead to. Life is what it is. We can not change the past, but in all things we can try and find the good, accepting the bad, understanding there time in history and passing it on to our descendants. At the present time I am trying to put together a book about this family, if you have any stories,photos or information please contact me, we are proof reading the book now and it will be published very shortly