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Daniel Claus Manuscript Death King Hendrick

Born 13 Sep 1727 at Bennigham, a town near the Imperial Free City Heilbron the property of Count Wadian of Menz. The son of Adam Frederick a clergy man from Wirtemberg and follower of Luther The persecution and constant wars with the Turks uprooted the family and Claus came to Philadelphia autumn 1749, accidentally meet Col Weiser, Indian agent for Province of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia to the 6 Nations who was going that spring to meet with the 6 nations at Onondaga. Mr Weiser offered to take Claus, readily accepting the two men set out and by May 1750 after visiting several villages arrived at Fort Hunter, were Claus saw 1st real large settlement of Mohawks 250 to 300 warriors, from their they went to large stone house of Colonel William Johnson, from their to Stone Arabia to visits Weiser's relatives and on to Onondaga only to find its inhabitants in mourning. The french priest had visited them a few days earlier and met with the head Sachem Canaghsadigo, after many meetings, presents, and fine speeches their chief remained unmoved with his alliance to Col Johnson and the British. Before leaving with great disappointment the French poisoned the Sachem. Before Weiser could take up his reason for being there they had to participate in the solom rituals. This delay used up there stores , they were now obliged to depend upon an Indian diet of Corn, Squash, Entrils of deer etc. no hardship for Mr Weiser who had lived among them before, but Mr Clau who never saw such eatables used by mankind was pretty well pinched with hunger before he could partake. His three week stay allowed him to pick up a vocabulary of Indian words and the realization he had to become more acquainted with the Indian words and life style. Upon returning to Philadelphia Mr Claus was introduced to the Gov. James Hamilton, taking a like to Mr Claus he had him frequently to his home for dinner, by spring of 1751 prevailed upon Mr Claus to visit the Mohawks at Fort Hunter. He accepted and while there met Col William Johnson who invited him to stay at his home were there was always Indians from whom he could study the customs and language. This created a problem between Johnson and Gov of Pennsylvania so Johnson arranged that Mr Claus could live at King Henry's home, an ideal arrangement King Henry had seen many seasons and enjoyed teaching the young man about the Mohawks, their traditions, Ancestors, Wars, their enemies, he dictated speeches, messages and other forms and customs used by Indians, at councils, and ceremonies.
In spring 1755 war broke out with France. Col William Johnson was ordered to assembly troops and march on Crown Point from Albany, to Fort Lyman [now Ft Edward] then to lake Sacrament and crown point. It was fall before Col Johnson moved out of Albany, with the state militia and King Hendricks Indians. On 4 Sept the small force of about 1200 soldiers and 400 Indians under King Henry arrived at south end of Lake le Sacrament. Everyone was put to work clearing trees and brush from their south and east shore, setting up camp on a high place with a swamp on both sides. They had with them one iron Mortar and two field pieces along with Colonel Eyre 44th rgt foot one of the best engineers and artillery officer that Gen Braddock had.
Among the colonial officers with Gen. Johnson was Col Williams , Gen. Lyman, Cap Eyre 44th Rgt,
On Sunday morning 7th Sept a Mohawk scout "Thick Lawrence" entered the camp and informed Gen Johnson the French were at south bay headed for Fort Lyman marching in 3 columns wide estimates from impression in ground to be 600 and 700.
The battle of Lake George has been written about hundreds of times but this little known event might be interesting. 8 Sept 1755
King Hendrick commanding the Indians, mounted on horseback was leading line of march with Col Ephram Williams following with the British forces on the road to Fort Lyman, when suddenly in the Iroquois tongue a voice called out "who are you" King Henry replied "We are the 6 confederate Indian nation, the heads & Superiors of all Indian nations of the continent of America" whereupon the French Indian answered"we are the 7 confederate Indian nation of Canada & we come in conjunction with our Father the King of France's Troops to fight his Enemies the English without the least intention to quarrel or trespass against any Indian nation. We therefore desire you will keep out of the way lest we transgress & involve ourselves in a war among ourselves.
whereupon King Henry answered "we the 6 Nations, came to assist their brother in the English against the French who are encroaching upon the territories of the English as well as Indians on the Ohio, and it was your place rather to join us, or at least follow our advise & keep out of harms way.One of Henry's young warriors fired upon the french Indian that spoke from the bushes, the ambush was sprung. Henry being on horseback lit off his horse & being heavy old man as Grey headed as Silver was soon left in the rear, attempting to gain the camp on the left where he thought would meet no enemy. unluckily, not far from camp fell in with the french Indians baggage guard of Young lads and women, having no firearms stabbed king Henry in back with spear. some say by a woman as the lads were to young. The manner of the scalp being taken is probably a woman as the scalp was no larger than a English Crown [abt size of silver dollar]
This scalp would not have hung in the tepee of a Iroquois warrior as King Hendrick was revered by all.
This is but one incident that Daniel Claus was witness to, King Henry was like a father to Mr Claus he was also the head of the Mohawk tribe that controlled the Iroquois Confederacy, a very close friend of the British, living among the Dutch settlers in the upper Mohawk valley.


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