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Captain William Scott 13th Baron Balweirie

Our Ancestor Capt. William Scott 13th Baron of Balwearie was the eldest son and heir of Sir James Scott. Scion of an ancient military aristocracy, elected to follow his uncle, Captain Robert Scott, serving in the military, with a Scottish regiment , in Holland, assisting that country in its war with the Spanish. On 23 Oct 1616, William Scott surviving heir of conquest to Andrew Scott, his brother, Dutch records indicate Capt William Scott was killed in action 19 Sep 1622 at the seige of Bergen op Zoom.

During the early modern period, Bergen op Zoom was a very strong fortress and one of the main armories and arsenals of the United Provinces. It had a remarkable natural defensive site, surrounded as it was by marshes and easily-floodable polders. Furthermore, it could receive reinforcements and supplies by sea, if the besieging army did not have a fleet to blockade its port.
Due to these features, the city was one of the strategic points held by the revolting Dutch in the Eighty Years War. It was at that time besieged by Alessandro Farnese first in 1587, and by Don Ambrogio Spinola Doria, 1st Marquis of the Balbases (1569 – September 25, 1630) was an Italian aristocrat, who, as a Spanish general, won a number of important battles. He is often called "Ambrosio", especially in Spanish-speaking countries.                
On the outbreak of the Thirty Years' War he made a vigorous campaign in the lower Palatinate which included ,The Siege of Bergen-op-Zoom On 18 July 1622, The Spanish had to lift the siege on 2 October, as a result of recent defensive constructions and intervention by the Dutch Stadtholder Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange. Maurice of Nassau and his army relieved the city on the next day. The siege cost Spinola 5000 troops.
The Dutch had become a powerful naval country, There denomination linked closely to the official states, and adopted as state religion, was the Lower German Dutch Reformed Church, the later Reformed Church of the Netherlands. The public exercise of Catholicism was strictly forbidden. Catholics were viewed by the government with suspicion and supervised;
This time period is known in the Netherlands as the Golden Age. The Dutch dominated world trade in the 17th century, conquering a vast colonial empire and operating the largest fleet of merchantmen of all western nations. The County of Holland was the wealthiest and most urbanized region of Europe. without a army but with the wealth of commerce they hired mercinaries from all over Europe including the Scotish Regiment of my Ancestor.  The competitor was Spain another wealthy nation, with a great naval force, upholding the Catholic religion-This opposite polarity between the two powerful nations would end up battle.

Captian William Scott left a wife  Elizabeth Graham, and four small children,  living on the Isle of Wieringen, Netherlands, among the Scotish military that her husband had served with. The youngerst son Jan Willemse Schutt was born 1621, less than a year old when his father was killed. Young William was a soldier under Kirk Patrick, he married Marijchie Jans in Noord, Netherlands and bore among other children a son William, born at Ehrungen, Husse-Cassel, Germany (Just across the Netherlands border) By the age of 16 he joined a group resettling in New Netherlands, Arriving in America on ship "Eagle" 19 Mar 1663 out of Netherlands. .    Son of William of the Netherlands, settled in the Kingston area amoung others from their homeland.
William married Margaret Grietje Jacobs probably in New Utrecht, Long Island, N. Y. , after this we find him in Albany, Marbletown, settling in Shawangunk (Wallkill) where his will writtten in Dutch, was drawn 6 May 1706, Proved 4 Jun 1722 were in he mentions his wife Grietje, who survived him, also mentions his surviving children, all 12 of them.
Our ancestor Patrick Scutt born 1665 New Utrecht, Long Island, N. Y. used the Dutch spelling Scutt and apparently the next six generations continued with this spelling.  The name Scutt died out in our family with the marriage of Charlotte Scutt (Who had 27 generations of Scotts back to 1100ad) she married John Vernon Olyer my grt grandfather. The 27 generations of this Scott family are discussed in my latest book "Ancestors of Charlotte Scott" which you can examine by going to my store


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