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Lasher Family of Stone Arabia

Our Lasher Ancestry begins with the Palatine immigration of 1710 when Sebastion Loescher  at the age of 40 years left his homeland in Hochspeyer, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany and embarked on a journey that would take him and his family across thousands of miles of ocean, hundreds of miles of Rivers, forest and mountains to untold joys and hardships in unfamiliar and rugged land, with a language barrier , to forge out a new life in a new untamed world.
The ship "Medford" one of a fleet of 10 to arrive in June 1710, the next three years was a struggle to keep alive, broken promises and dashed dreams found the Lashers on the "Palatine Debtor" list 1718-179 and the Livingston Manor Debt list 1721 - 1726- 26 Aug 1734 Sebastioin and his family was among the few who stayed on the Livingston Manor, were they settled and began to work the land. Three of the sons stayed on the Manor where they built fine stone homes, being thrifty they held joining property  and built on the corners that one well could be used by all the families. 
 Our ancestor John Conrad Loscher built the stone house known as the "Stone Jug" although it has changed hands many times it still stands today.  John married at Wattenheim Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany, Angeline Weingar  born in Switzerland 14 Sep 1699.
John Conrad's oldest sons Johannes born 17 Aug 1726 and his brother Gerhart born 29 Dec 1732, started out working with their father on the Livingston Manor, when the call to arms was issued by Gen William Johnson in 1755 for the campaign against the French, they volunteered and traveled to Albany for the encampment of men being assembled for the Gov. Shirley and Gen Johnson campaign.  They met Andrew Dillenbach from the Palatine area , both Lashers visited  the Stone Arabia area and  had purchased land near  the Dillenbecks, and became friendly with his two sisters on 1 Feb 1763 Gerhart married Catherine Dillenbeck, and by 27 Sep 1763 Johannes married her sister Anna Dillenback  These families were very close , the danger of attack by the French and Indian was always a threat 24 May 1763 their company under Soverines Deygert was called up by Sir William Johnson to serve at German Flats
 The Lasher brothers and Andreas seemed to be very active in the local militia and when the winds of the revolution began they served in Col Klocks regiment. in fact the three of them were at Oriskany.
In the morning on the march, Andrew was joking with the Lashers and mentioned he would not be taken by any of his tory neighbors this is a quote An eye witness recalls the event  "...three of Johnson's Greens attempted to capture Capt. Andrew Dillenbeck. He had said just before, to his friends [possibly Gerhardt, Andrew's father was among them], that he would not be made a prisoner by his old neighbors, and he was not. One of them seized his gun, but he wrenched it from his grasp, clubbed him, and felled him to the ground. The gun was still loaded, and with it he shot the second and thrust the third through with the bayonet; but in the moment of victory, another of the enemy shot him down and he immediately expired... he was a strong and powerful man - rendered such by hardships from childhood. as the reader may well suppose, such men could not be conquered."  - Jeptha R. Simms.
The next child that Gerhardt Loescher had was named Andreas.  Our ancestor was Gerhardt son Henry Loescher born 11 Aug 1765 , he married Elizabeth Bauder 1789 her father Michael Melchior Bauder was also killed at battle of Oriskany. their son George Lasher married Magdalena Klock, was a farmer living in Stone Arabia, when he sold his farm he moved to Nelliston, N. Y. 
were he built a small store in front of his home and made shoes.  Georges son was John "Jack" Lasher, Born there in Nelliston, N. Y. member of the 115 N.Y. Vol. Inf. in Civil War taken prisoner in Florida and held at Andersonville.  In the 1870's he went west to look for gold, returning to Nelliston he built a brick home for his family, operated his fathers store as a meat market, and built a two story apartment house on Main Street in Nelliston.

His daughter was my Grandmother Anna Lasher Lord
She looks very stern but I remember her as being everything but firm-I of course could do no wrong being the only grandchild for many years, she would tell me about the family and share there triumphs and tragedies. She was always quick to remind me of my Lasher and Klock ancestors and the sacrifices they made, especially when I did not want to eat some horrible vegetable, would hear about the starving Armenians or shortage of food during the war years. Never could figure out how my eating helped them. I still do not eat rudabakers, broccoli, or turnips


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